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Concerts and Events

Concerts and Events, Spring 2016

Molnar Recital Hall Molnar Recital Hall


4      Richmond Symphony, Jarman Auditorium, tickets required
12    Percussion Ensemble Concert 
15    Chamber Music Series: Andreas Klein, piano
18    Departmental Recital, 3:30 pm
22    Black History Month Concert: Lisa Burrs with the Southside Jazz Quartet, Moton Mueseum
25    Faculty Recital: Stephanie Ycaza (tuba) with Kevin Fairburn (trombone)


1       Wind Symphony Concert, Jarman Auditorium
3       Departmental Recital, 3:30 pm
14     Choral Pyramid Concert, Jarman Auditorium, 7:00 pm
17     Jazz Ensembles Concert, Jarman Auditorium
19     Senior Recital: Kristen Myers (trombone)
21     Chamber Music Series: The Pivetta Duo, flute and piano
24     Departmental Recital, 3:30 pm
29     Chamber Singers & VCU Choirs Concert, Jarman Auditorium
31     Departmental Recital, 3:30


2       Senior Recital: Stephen Brown (voice) and Matthew Lilly (tuba), 4:00 pm
7       Departmental Recital, 3:30 pm
6       String Ensemble/Opera Workshop Concert
9       Senior/Junior Recital: Erin Corbett (clarinet) and Cody Leonard (saxophone)
10     Senior Recital: Micheal Norwood (saxophone) and Kathryn Zeh (flute), 4:00 pm
11     Faculty Recital: David Niethamer (clarinet) and Lisa Kinzer (piano), with Lisa Burrs (voice)
15     Percussion Ensemble Concert
19     Wind Symphony and Jazz Ensembles, Jarman Auditorium
21     Departmental Recital, 3:30 pm
22     Faculty Recital: Lisa Burrs (voice) and Lisa Kinzer (piano)
23     Senior Recital: Taylor Liptak (piano), 4:00 pm
23     Senior Recital: Joshua Ellis (piano), 7:30 pm
25     Men's and Women's Chorus Concert, Jarman Auditorium
28     Departmental Recital, 3:30 pm
28     Chamber Singers & Camerata Singers Concert, Jarman Auditorium


All events are at 7:30pm, unless otherwise noted.
All events are in Wygal, Molnar Recital Hall, unless otherwise noted.
Event listings subject to change, please call 395-2504 for information.