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Concerts and Events

Concerts and Events, Spring 2014

Molnar Recital Hall Molnar Recital Hall


24     Guest Recital: Katy Wolfe (voice)
26     Faculty Recital: Dr. Jennifer Capaldo (voice), 4:00 p.m.
31     Richmond Symphony Orchestra, Jarman Theatre, tickets required



13-16, 20-23 Opera Workshop: The Trojan Women, call 434-395-2474 for information
17     Chamber Music Series: Terra Voce T
24     Faculty Recital: David Niethamer (clarinet) and Lisa Kinzer (piano)
25     Wind Symphony Winter Concert, Jarman Theatre



13     Jazz Ensembles, Winter Concert, Jarman Theatre
15     Carlton Hobbs (tuba), Senior Recital, 4:00 pm
17     All Choirs Concert, Jarman Theatre
22     Michelle Shin (piano), Junior Recital
23     Cody Davis-Meadows (voice), Senior Recital, 4:00 pm
30     Vera Crouse (voice), Senior Recital, 4:00 pm



4      Bernard Royster (clarinet), Senior Recital
5      Alyssa Jones (piano), Senior Recital, 4:00 pm
5      RSO/LU Side-by-Side (strings), Jarman Theatre, 4:00 pm
5      Matthew Little (clarinet), Senior Recital
6      Kathleen Lilly (voice), Senior Recital, 4:00 pm
11    Miguel Gavilan (saxophone), Senior Recital
13    Joseph Robson (percussion), Senior Recital, 4:00 pm
14    Chamber Music Series: Amernet String Quartet
15    Wind Symphony & Jazz Ensembles, Spring Conert, Jarman Theatre
22    Men's and Women's Choirs, Jarman Theatre
24    Camerata Singers, Spring Concert, Jarman Theatre




All events are at 7:30pm, unless otherwise noted.
All events are in Wygal, Molnar Recital Hall, unless otherwise noted.
Event listings subject to change, please call 395-2504 for information.