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Minor Requirements

Beale Plaza

In order to complete a minor in Women's and Gender Studies, students must:

  • File a form of intention to pursue the minor at the Office of Registration
  • Earn a grade point average of 2.0 in those courses chosen to meet the minor requirements
  • Complete 18 hours of course work (including at least 9 hours at the 300 or 400 level) from the following courses:
    • ANTH 106/WGST 106 Introduction to Women's Studies/3 credits
    • ANTH 325 Gender and Society/3 credits
    • ART 360 Women in the Visual Arts/3 credits
    • COMM 470 Gender and Communication/3 credits
    • CRIM 323 Gender and Crime/3 credits
    • ECON 411 Economics of Labor and Discrimination/ 3 credits
    • ENGL 358 Women and Film/3 credits
    • ENGL 432 Women and Literature/3 credits
    • HLTH 430 Women's Health Issues/3 credits
    • HIST 321 The History of Women in America/3 credits
    • HIST 428 and Sexuality in Latin American History
    • PSYC 350 Psychology of Sex and Gender/3 credits
    • SOCL 233 Race, Class, and Gender/3 credits
    • SOCL 241 Marriage and the Family/3 credits
    • SOCL 325 Gender and Society/3 credits
    • SOCL 351 Sociology of Family Violence/3 credits
    • SOWK 309 Human Sexual Adjustment/3 credits
    • SOWK 325 Human Diversity: Populations at Risk/3 credits
    • THEA 431 American Drama/3 credits
    • WGST 295 Selected Topics/1-3 credits
    • WGST 390 Directed or Independent Study/ 1-18
    • WGST 489 Directed Study/2-3 credits
    • WGST 490 Directed or Independent Study /1-18 credits
    • WGST 492 Internship in Women's Studies/1-6 credits
    • WGST 495 Special Topics/1-6 credits
    • (and other courses to be approved by the Women's Studies Committee)
    • Other courses that fulfill minor requirements vary by department and semester- see current course offerings

In addition to the above courses, students are encouraged to participate in Women's Studies events on campus.


Visit Courses for a full listing of all current course offerings.