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Frequently Asked Questions

Who has access to LancerNet Wireless?

Any faculty, staff, or student of Longwood University with a valid LancerNet ID and Password have access to the wireless network.

I will be visiting campus, can I connect to Longwood's Wireless Network?

A wireless network is available to visitors of the University. You do not need to obtain any prior approvals for this access.  The visitor wireless network will simply appear in your available wireless connections list as "LancerNetVisitor". Upon connecting, a web authentication page will display prompting you to register by entering an email address.     

What do I need to get connected?

All laptops and devices will need a wireless card that is 802.11a or 802.11g compliant. Most laptops come with these cards installed internally. If your laptop is not capable of connecting to a wireless network you will need to purchase a separate wireless card. Popular brands are Linksys and Belkin.

Where can I access the wireless network on campus?

Our coverage map is a general guideline to wireless access across campus.

Can I use the LancerNet Wireless instead of the wired connection in my dorm/office?

While wireless access may be available in some offices and dormitories, it is not recommended for regular use. Signal within dormitories and some buildings can vary greatly, and the wired connection is generally more secure for daily use.

How can I remove my logon credentials if I changed my LancerNet password?

Instructions to change your credentials for accessing Longwood's wireless network.

Who can I call if I'm having problems

The Longwood University Helpdesk is open from 8am to 5pm Monday - Friday and can be reached by phone at (434)395-4357 or by email at helpdesk@longwood.edu. After hours all students have support from the Resident Technology Associates.