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Broadcast Email

The following individuals have the ability to send broadcast email to faculty and staff. If you have a need to send a broadcast email, please contact one of the designated individuals from your area.


President’s Office

  • Taylor Reveley - President
  • Justin Pope - Chief of Staff
  • Virginia Kinman - SACS
  • Teresa Irish - SACS

Information Technology

  • Kim Redford
  • Lynn Chapman



Facilities and Real Property

  • Angela Stimpson
  • Tracy Shook



Administration and Finance

  • Ken Copeland-Vice President
  • Darlene Bratcher
  • Tracy Nelson
  • Della Wickizer


  • Troy Austin

University Advancement

  • Dave Hooper
  • Jennifer Conkwright
  • Sabrina Brown

Student Affairs

  • Tim Pierson-Vice President
  • Elsie Angus
  • Bob Beach
  • Margaret Potts
  • Laura Rice
  • Larry Robertson

Academic Affairs

  • Joan Neff - Vice President
  • Theresa Irish
  • Susan May for Faculty Senate
  • Cynthia Erickson
  • Kim Wingo