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Foundations and Core Courses

girl working on stained glass

Foundations and
Core Courses explained

Foundations courses are so called because
they lay the art foundations principles, skills,
and terminology upon which future art learning
is built. There are six courses in Foundation studies in the Longwood art program, and
these courses are taken over an art major's
first year in the art program. The Foundations courses are: ART 120, ART 130, ART 131,
ART 223 (studio courses), and ART 261 and
ART 262 (art history courses).

Foundations courses are a part of the Core
courses. Core courses are the thirteen (13)
courses all art majors must take. Five of the
Core courses are so-called zero-credit classes because they carry no credit hours and are
used in conjunction with the five mandatory
Art Portfolio Assessments. For a detailed description of zero-credit courses, please
click on "Student Art Assessment" at left.

Here is a list of the Longwood Art Department Core.

Core Major Requirements for All Concentrations:

ART 120 – Foundations of Contemporary Design/3 credits

ART 130 – Drawing I/3 credits

ART 131 – Life Drawing/3 credits

ART 183 – First-year Assessment Zero-credit Course/0 credits

ART 223 – Three-Dimensional Design/3 credits

ART 261 – History of Western Art: Prehistoric to Medieval /3 credits

ART 262 – History of Western Art: Renaissance to Modern/3 credits

ART 283 – Second-year Assessment Zero-credit Course/0 credits

ART 362 – Modern Art/3 credits

ART 383 – Third-year Assessment Zero-credit Course/0 credits

ART 423 – Senior Project Mid-Assessment Zero-credit Course/0 credits

ART 462 – Professional Practices in Art/3 credits (1 credit satisfies Goal 14)

ART 483 – Senior Project Final Assessment Zero-credit Course/0 credits

TOTAL 23 credits