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Transfer Students

Time to completion of degree

The Graphic and Animation Design BFA degree program is a true four-year study in graphic design. Therefore, a transfer student can expect to spend a minimum of three year within the Graphic and Animation Design (GAND) program. A student planning to transfer to the Longwood’s GAND program is encouraged to contact the Chair of the Department of Theatre, Art, and Design, who will route them to the appropriate GAND faculty for questions about the student’s transfer plans.

Transfer students and GAND assessments

Transfer students must contact the Theatre, Art, and Design Department Chair, who will route them to the appropriate faculty, who will determine what Assessments the students must complete for graduation. This contact is the responsibility of the student and should occur shortly after the student is admitted into the Longwood GAND program. A review of the transfer student’s portfolio may be required to determine what Assessments are required.

To learn more about the GAND portfolio assessments, please click on "Assessments" in the menu at left.


identity for Longwood's ARTSweek

Identity for Longwood's ARTSweek,
Erica May and Frankie Starr, designers

identity for Film Festival

Identity for an independent film festival,
David Abbot, designer