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Art Education

Students speaking with a visiting artist.The art education concentration at Longwood is designed to give students the knowledge and skills needed to teach at the PK-12 level.

Art education's comprehensive curriculum blends historical and contemporary theory with practical application. Students will experience intensive studio training, art historical study and educational practice with an emphasis on blending the boundaries to create a truly integrated art experience. Students prepare to teach the language of vision, promote creativity, encourage reflection, embrace diversity, make interdisciplinary connections and think thematically. Students will address standards, assessment and accountability as well as demonstrate teacher competency. Art education students will learn to adapt their pedagogy and assessments to nurture every child.

Students will enjoy a variety of experiences involving PK-12 students in public schools as well as art advocacy experiences at the Longwood Center for the Visual Arts. All students will become active members of two professional art education associations and attend our state conference. Art education students are artists or art historians as well as educators. Upon graduation art education students may work in public and private schools, museums and galleries, and pursue graduate studies.

Art Education Concentration – 134 credits (pdf)