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Our Mission

University Center and Student Activities Mission Statement

The University Center and Student Activities office provides an inclusive student centered environment that supports the mission of Longwood University where students are empowered to grow, learn and develop through co-curricular experiences.

University Center and Student Activities Office Values


We model professionalism through ethical leadership, consistency and effectiveness. We will maintain the highest professional, social and personal standards of conduct through our daily work.


We will exhibit courteous treatment for individuals, their thoughts, and opinions.

Student Development:

We believe in the holistic approach of developing all aspects of the student, in and out of the classroom


We support setting personal and professional boundaries with respect to work, home life, and wellness.


We believe in practicing and modeling ethical principles while exhibiting, high levels of personal responsibility, acceptance, and belonging.  We will make policies, procedures, and decisions with consistency of espoused values, in action.


We believe in the intentional development of attitudes and programs that create access, acceptance, and belonging. We will create an atmosphere that moves beyond tolerance to embracing difference.


We will work with faculty, staff, students to foster an environment that encourages continuous improvement and development.


We engage in authentic and open communication that fosters credibility and clarity of understanding.


 Office of Student Engagement Departmental goals

Distinctive Impact

Create programs and experiential learning opportunities that allow students to develop an awareness of social issues, a sense of community, an appreciation for those who are different from themselves, and an understanding of citizen leadership.

Engaged Learning

Model and promote personal accountability, critical thinking, balance and ethical decision making.

Superior Performance

Ensure the safety and security for the Office of Student Engagement, its relevant facilities and registered student organizations, through policy and practice.

Responsible Stewardship

Establish mutually trustworthy and rewarding relationships.

Utilize current technology to enhance operating procedures, promote effective communication and improve customer service.