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Men's Involvement


The purpose of the Men's Involvement Task Force is to better understand male students and their experiences at Longwood. Through collaboration, strategies and interventions will be implemented to improve the male experience, health, involvement, and self-understanding.


Objectives for 2012-2013

  • Organize programming for Men's Health Month during November, 2011.
  • Conduct a research project focused on a male subgroup(s) such as athletes and/or fraternity members.
  • Create a website: Men's Center Without Walls( Virtual Center).
  • Assist the Phi Beta Sigma Sigma Fraternity with programming at their young men's conference in the Spring, 2012.
  • Consider other activities, programs, and gender-specific interventions.


  • Scott Hall
  • Doug Howell
  • David Magill
  • Carl Riden
  • Tammy Wiley
  • Cheri Wise