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Student Accounts Staff


Jessica E Conwell

Administrative Specialist
Lancaster 205 H


Kathy R Motley

Monthly Payment Plan Coordinator
Debt Recovery Specialist 
Lancaster 205 A


S Jenise Shumaker

Student Account Analyst 
Lancaster 205 D



Karin J Warner

Manager, 3rd Party Programs/Receivables
Lancaster 205 C


Cashiering Staff

Marlene W Baker

Room 201A
(434) 395-2274



Linda  L Morgan

Head Cashier
Room 201A
(434) 395-2274


Questions or Comments?

Please use our questions and comments form and we will respond as quickly as possible (if applicable).


Bruce  T Jenkins

Director, Cashiering and Student Accounts
Room 205F
(434) 395-2270


Jennifer Adams 

Assistant Director, Cashiering and Student Accounts
Room 205E
(434) 395-2388


James R Mitchell

Revenue Accountant
Lancaster Building
Room 205B






Barbara P Morris

IT Manager for Finance
Lancaster Room 206