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How Do I Get Started?


Registration Process

  • You will not be able to register for any of the SLPOnline courses until you have completed and submitted the SLPOnline Enrollment Form, an application for in-state tuition (if applicable), and transcripts for prerequisites (if applicable). Please fill out the two-page form completely.
  • Once all required forms are received, you will be sent an e-mail confirmation. A LancerNet ID, temporary password, and Longwood e-mail address will be issued by Information Technology Services (ITS). These will be sent via e-mail to the personal e-mail address you put on this enrollment form. Upon receipt of the ITS materials, you will be able to access the myLongwood system to register.
  • Transcripts may be submitted by fax (434.395.2750) or via e-mail (slponline@longwood.edu) if you have electronic copies. Scanned copies of official or unofficial transcripts are acceptable. (It is your responsibility to confirm receipt of all faxed items by calling 434.395.2380.)
  • Application for In State Tuition: This must be completed and emailed with the enrollment form if you are claiming entitlement to Virginia in-state tuition.
  • Once you have completed the SLPOnline Enrollment Form form please save it and send it as an e-mail attachment to the address below. Be sure to also send your application for in-state tuition and/or transcripts if applicable.  slponline@longwood.edu
  • To look up your courses, please visit the Course Search on the Registration Office website.  Courses are listed under the subject 'CSDS - Professional' (PCSD). 


Important Information Regarding Course Prerequisites

If you plan to take one of the following courses offered as part of the SLPOnline program, you must have completed the required prerequisites listed below.   

  • If the prerequisites were taken at Longwood, you will not need to submit proof of having the prerequisite.
  • If the prerequisites were NOT taken at Longwood, you will need to submit a transcript (unofficial or official) from the college where you took the prerequisite course.  This transcript will be evaluated by the SLPOnline program coordinator, Dr. Shannon Salley, to determine if you have the necessary coursework.  If the necessary coursework has been taken, an additional step must be completed by Dr. Salley to allow you to register for the course.  This ALL must be done prior to your access of myLongwood.com to register.

PCSD 313 (Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism) - Prerequisite BIOL 101 or equivalent

PCSD 314 (Phonology and Language Disorders) - Prerequisites PCSD 285 and 307

PCSD 361 (Audiology) - Prerequisite PCSD 313

PCSD 450 (Speech Science) - Prerequisites PCSD 307, 313 and 361

PCSD 455 (Neurology for Human Communication) - Prerequisite PCSD 313  

Please contact Dr. Shannon Salley, Coordinator of SLP Online, at salleysw@longwood.edu, to have your transcript evaluated to determine if prerequisites have been met.  If the necessary coursework has been taken, Dr. Salley will then complete the necessary step to allow you to register using myLongwood.  If you have other questions related to any course or its content, e-mail Dr. Salley.


Tuition and Fees, Billing Policies & Procedures

  • Tuition for SLPOnline Courses for the 2014-2015 Academic Year

    Virginia (In-State) Residents - $275.00 per credit hour
    Non-Virginia (Out-of-State) Residents - $350.00 per credit hour
    (These rates do NOT apply to any other course offerings) 

    NOTE: Longwood University is a state-supported, public institution.  Taxes paid by Virginia residents support public colleges and universities in Virginia.  The Non-Virginia (Out-of-State) rate reflects that difference.    

  • After you receive your Longwood credentials from the Help Desk, visit https://my.longwood.edu to access your bill (choose the student tab and scroll to the financial section to see your bill).  You may choose to pay via credit card online through myLongwood or via check or money order payable to Longwood University and mailed to Cashiering & Student Accounts, Longwood University, 201 High Street, Farmville, VA 23909.
  • SLPOnline students are expected to make payment at the time of registation.
  • Longwood only sends eBills to your Longwood email account; bills are not sent via regular mail. You must check your Longwood email account regularly for official notices. Email to your Longwood email address is the official method of communication from Longwood to all students.
  • Accounts not paid in full each semester by the due date can be assessed a 10% late payment fee.
  • Please visit the Billings & Payment webpage, www.longwood.edu/studentaccounts, for payment options and full billing policies and procedures.
  • Check https://my.longwood.edu, choose the Student Tab to see your registration status.


Important Dates to Remember

Summer 2015 Dates

  • Registration begins March 18, 2015
  • Enrollment forms due by May 13, 2015
  • Registration ends May 15, 2015
  • Courses begin May 18, 2015
  • Courses end July 31, 2015
  • Last day to add/drop is May 20, 2015 by 5 p.m. EST
  • Last day to withdraw with no academic penalty (however all tuition and fee charges will still apply):  June 24, 2015 by 5 p.m. EST


Fall 2015 Dates

  • Registration begins March 18, 2015
  • Enrollment forms due by August 18, 2015
  • Registration ends August 20, 2015
  • Courses begin August 24, 2015
  • Courses end December 4, 2015
  • Last day to add/drop is August 31, 2015 by 5 p.m. EST
  • Last day to withdraw with no academic penalty (however all tuition and fee charges will still apply):  October 14, 2015 by 5 p.m. EST
  • The dates for the last day to add and/or drop and the last day to withdraw without academic penalty for classes can also be viewed at Academic Calendars
  • You can also refer to the registrar's website at http://www.longwood.edu/registrar/19343.htm#adddrop for more information related to important deadlines and policies.  
  • To drop by the add/drop deadline access your account through myLongwood to process the drop.  A drop processed by the add/drop deadline removes tuition and fee charges.  You WILL NOT BE DROPPED for failure to login to the course.
  • To withdraw during the withdrawal period (from add/drop deadline to withdrawal deadline) a Course Withdrawal Form must be completed and submitted to the Registration Office by the deadlines cited above via fax to 434.395.2252 (It is your responsibility to confirm receipt of all faxed items by calling 434.395.2580) OR via e-mail to registrar@longwood.edu if you have the capability to scan the completed document and attach it to the e-mail.  All tuition and fee charges will still apply.
  • Withdrawal after the no academic penalty withdrawal deadline may only be considered for medical or other non-academic emergencies.  A written withdrawal request with supporting documentation from a physician or other applicable support must be submitted to the College of Graduate & Professional Studies no later than noon on the last day of class via fax to 434.395.2750 (It is your responsibility to confirm receipt of all faxed items by calling 434.395.2380) or via e-mail to graduate@longwood.edu if you have the capability to scan all the documents and attach them to the e-mail.   
  • Questions regarding tuition & fees and billing & payments should be addressed to the Office of Cashiering & Student Accounts, www.longwood.edu/studentaccounts or studentaccountsoffice@longwood.edu

About 1% of Americans stutter, with boys being 3 times more likely than girls to do so. Many people who stutter have a family history of the disorder.


The National Institutes of Health estimate that 42 million Americans, or one out of every 6 persons, have a communication disorder.