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How do I begin taking the SLPOnline prerequisite classes?

You begin by completing the SLPOnline Enrollment Form and submitting it as well as the application for In-State Tuition  (if applicable) and transcripts for prerequisites (if applicable) to slponline@longwood.edu or fax to 434-395-2750.


Do I have to apply to Longwood University to take the classes?

No, you do not have to apply to Longwood to take the online classes.  Just complete the SLPOnline Enrollment Form and submit along with an application for in-state tuition rates (if applicable), and transcripts for prerequisites (if applicable).


Do I need official transcripts?

No, you can submit a copy of your transcripts via e-mail (slponline@longwood.edu) or fax (434-395-2750).  It is your responsibility to confirm receipt of all faxed items by calling 434.395.2140.


How much is tuition?

Tuition for SLPOnline Courses:

Virginia (In-State) Residents - $275.00 per credit hour
Non-Virginia (Out-of-State) Residents - $350.00 per credit hour
(These rates do NOT apply to any other course offerings) 

NOTE: Longwood University is a state-supported, public institution.  Taxes paid by Virginia residents support public colleges and universities in Virginia.  The Non-Virginia (Out-of-State) rate reflects that difference.   


What if the courses I need are full?

Please refer to the Wait List procedures listed here.


How do I access my course?

Use Canvas to access your online course space.  You may begin attempting to access the course a few days early, but many instructors don't open the course until the day classes begin.


If I need to withdraw after class has begun, what do I do?

You submit a Course Withdrawal Form to the Registration Office via fax to 434-395-2252 (It is your responsibility to confirm receipt of all faxed items by calling 434.395.2580) or via e-mail to registrar@longwood.edu if you have the capability to scan the completed document and attach it to the e-mail.  Withdrawal deadlines are available on the Academic Calendars for each semester and also on the 'How do I get started?' section of these pages. 


If I have questions about payment of tuition and fees, where should I look?

The Office of Cashiering and Student Accounts can assist with payment questions.  Access them via the internet at www.longwood.edu/studentaccounts or via e-mail at studentaccountsoffice@longwood.edu or via telephone at 434-395-2274 or 434-395-2067.


If I don't take a course in a semester after I begin, what do I do to reactivate my access?

Send an e-mail to slponline@longwood.edu requesting to be reactivated for the term you wish to enroll.


Is financial assistance available for the SLPOnline Prerequisites?

Federally funded financial aid is not available to the SLPOnline Prerequisites because this is not a degree-seeking program.  Federal aid is limited to degree programs only.  The only funding available through Financial Aid certification would be a Private/Alternative loan.  The Financial Aid office at Longwood University will be happy to assist in this process, however, Longwood University is not allowed to suggest a lender.  These loans are processed mostly online, therefore, it is recommended to try a search online of "private student loans" and a wide variety of lending institutions should be available to help you choose.  Also, search for "comparison of student loans" may reveal a website that will compare different lenders. 

Longwood does have a Monthly Payment Plan option.  Information on this program is available through the Office of Student Accounts.  You may access this office either by phone at 434.395.2067 or online at http://www.longwood.edu/studentaccounts/mpplan.htm


How do these classes impact my current GPA?

Successful completion of these slponline courses will NOT guarantee admission to graduate school at Longwood University or any other college/university.  Your performance in these courses will not affect or be averaged with your cumulative undergraduate GPA earned in a bachelor's degree.  Your cumulative GPA earned with a bachelor's degree must meet the minimum required for admission (3.0 at Longwood University) in order to be considered.  If you have earned a master's degree, it supersedes the bachelor's degree for admission criteria related to GPA.  Many graduate programs in speech-language pathology (including Longwood University) require a minimum grade of B or higher in specific discipline courses. 

If you are transferring these slponline courses to another university, you should contact that university to understand the impact of your grade(s) on your GPA at that university. 


Is there a certain sequence that must be followed in the coursework?

There is a recommended sequence of courses.  You may take any combination of courses of the nine offered.  Some courses will require a prerequisite.  We advise, based on feedback from students in previous semesters, that students not enroll in more than 6 credit hours per semester.


Where are graduate programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders offered in Virginia?

There are currently six universities in Virginia that offer master's degrees in Communication Sciences and Disorders. They are


Need more information?  Review the SLP Online Guide (pdf)


Did You Know?

  • Communication disorders are among the most common disabilities in the United States.
  • About 700,000 Americans suffer from a stroke annually.
  • An estimated 1.5 to 2 million individuals each year in the United States sustain a Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Several studies suggest that 8 to 12 people per 1,000 experience severe communication impairments that require Augmentative Alternative Communication