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Graduate Program

Lisa Kinton, M.A., CCC-SLP, Instructional Specialist, Chesterfield County Public Schools had this to say about our graduate students and program:

"I have been extremely impressed with the skills of every Longwood graduate who has joined our staff.  Longwood's program is doing a great job of preparing SLPs for services in the public schools."


Want to read more about what our graduate students are doing while in the program and once they have graduated?  Click here to find out more.


Click here to watch a video from 2013 Camp Loud and Clear at the Holliday Lake 4-H Center.

CSDS ASHA Accreditation Photo CSDS Faculty and SOWK & CSDS Department Chair celebrate the accreditation of the CSDS Graduate program.

Our Mission

The Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSDS) Program is dedicated to providing a comprehensive education in basic human communication processes and in the prevention, assessment, and treatment of communication disorders across the lifespan.

At the undergraduate level, the CSDS program builds on the university’s liberal arts education to provide comprehensive pre-professional academic and observation experiences.  At the graduate level, the program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for entry level practice in speech-language pathology by integrating academic knowledge, ethical principles and clinical experiences.  Masters’ graduates will be prepared to earn the Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and licenses from the Virginia Board of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology and the Virginia Department of Education.

The program is further committed to helping students develop an understanding of evidence-based practice and research methodology so they can apply research findings to plan appropriate interventions for their clients and to conduct research.

Mission statement and 2013-2016 Goals


Thirty-seven members of Governor Bob McDonnell's staff recently received hearing screenings and learned some facts about how to protect their hearing, all courtesy of Longwood's communication sciences and disorders (CSDS) graduate program.  Click here for more details.







For course descriptions and requirements please refer to the current Graduate Catalog for the College of Education & Human Services.


CSDS Surveys

The CSDS Graduate Program will periodically request graduates and employers of graduates to complete the surveys at this link. Thank you.


On behalf of the faculty and staff of the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department,
CONGRATULATIONS 2013 Graduates!!



Thank you to the National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association for their recent donation of $150 to our graduate student scholarship fund and another $150 to our clinic!! We appreciate your support!


  Winter 2009 Newsletter


Jessica Popp 2 Communication Sciences and Disorders Graduate Student (Jessica Popp) and Alumna (Katie Robertson) present together at the Speech-Language Hearing Association of Virginia 2013 Conference.
CSDS_welcome photo

What do our students say?

As a school-based speech-language pathologist, I have to say that the program at Longwood did a great job of preparing school SLPs. The program is well aligned with the direction the Virginia Department of Education is going.

Mary Jo Hughes, M.S., 2011


"Longwood University's CSDS Graduate Program has truly been a blessing in my life. There is no doubt in my mind that this opportunity will lay a firm foundation for my career path in Speech Language Pathology. With such a small size, the program has allowed for incredible support and individual attention to its student clinicians. The staff is one of a kind, and challenges me to achieve more than I ever thought I could. I am so thankful to be a graduate student here at Longwood University."

Renee Crutchfield, M.S. 2011


Longwood's Master program for Communication Sciences and Disorders challenged me to think critically and outside the box in order to provide the best possible evaluations and treatments of the various communication disorders that occur in people from birth to death. As I am now a Speech-Language Pathologist in an acute care hospital that also has an outpatient speech-language pathology department, I am faced with various swallowing and communication disorders in stroke patients, and developmental disorders in children. I feel very confident, competent and able to provide the absolute best possible service to my patients.

Matthew Eiban, M.S. 2008



Communication Sciences & Disorders Faculty

Lissa Power-deFur

Professor and CSDS Graduate Coordinator
Bachelor's, Masters' and Doctorate in Speech-Language Pathology (University of Virginia); Minors in Audiology and Deaf Education

"Mariah Bristow Starke Faculty Award 2012"

SHLS 108



Michele L. Norman

Associate Professor and CSDS Undergraduate Coordinator
Bachelor's in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences (Rutgers University); Masters' (University of the District of Columbia) and Doctorate (The University of Memphis) in Speech-Language Pathology
SHLS 104



Peggy C. Agee

Assistant Professor 
Bachelor's from Longwood College; Master’s from the University of Virginia in Speech-Language Pathology; and Clinical Doctorate from NOVA Southeastern University in Speech-Language Pathology

American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation DiCarlo Award recipient 2010

SHLS 107



Wendy J. Pulliam

Clinic Director/Clinical Educator

Bachelor of Health Sciences in Communication Disorders; Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology
SHLS 106



Shannon Salley

Assistant Professor/Coordinator SLP Online
Bachelor's and Master's from James Madison University and a Doctorate from NOVA Southeastern University in Speech-Language Pathology 
SHLS 109




Ann Cralidis

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. and Masters from University of North Carolina at Greensboro; B.A. from Elon University
SHLS 105



Caitlin Frank

DLVE-SLP Coordinator/Clinical Educator
Masters from Old Dominion University; B.S. from James Madison University

SHLS 110




Adjunct Faculty


  •   Dr. Filip Loncke (Augmentative Alternative Communication), University of Virginia


  • Dr. Emmett Jones (Sign Language), nationally certified interpreter


  • Dr. Robert Mayo (Craniofacial Anomalies), University of North Carolina - Greensboro