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CSDS Graduate Program Photo Gallery

Our first graduates in 2008


Some of our 2008-09 graduates at our "Celebration of Firsts" dinner, celebrating our first graduates.



CSD Faculty and SOWK & CSDS Department Chair celebrate the accreditation of the CSD Graduate program.


Our first Friends of the Communication Sciences and Disorders awardees:  Dr. Nicholas Bankson and Greg and Fran Rooker of The Jason Foundation.

2012 CSDS Graduate Students with AAC instructor Dr. Filip Loncke


Longwood University’s speech-language pathology program and the Lions Club caught wind of fourth-graders in need of a hearing conservation education. They knew they had to act fast, so they signaled for help from the only people equipped for the job!  Local superhero DeciBoy (graduate student Michael Mahoney) and his hearing specialist sidekicks (graduate students Carli Rogers and Suzanne Johnson) quickly assembled, under the direction of Dr. Lissa Power-deFur, Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders, and headed to Prince Edward Elementary earlier this month.  Click here for the rest of the story.

 When Janet Green arrived at Prince Edward County High School in August, she was on a mission not only to teach Physical Education, but to promote lifetime fitness in the process.  She has been working with Dr. Ann Cralidis of the Speech, Hearing and Learning Services of Longwood University. Because of their focus on brain injuries, Dr. Cralidis’ department donated 50 bike helmets to the PECHS Phys Ed Department.  Longwood students Amy Moore and Amy Jennings delivered the helmets and spoke about concussions to Green’s Advanced PE class, which will begin a unit on safe biking following spring break.  During this unit, students will wear the helmets and practice the hand signals and biking maneuvers that are necessary for safe biking.  The unit will culminate in a bike trip along the High Bridge Trail, where students will explore the area around the bridge and talk to a local historian about the Civil War, followed by a picnic lunch.  "My goal for the Advanced PE class is to present different activities that can impact students’ lives, not just in the area of fitness, but also simply being exposed to different things and different people," said Green.  So far this year, her class has participated in units on soccer, lacrosse, the Swedish game of Tchoukball, dodgeball, noodle tag, team building initiatives, camping and hiking, and swimming. 


Longwood University's Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) Advisory Committee recently recognized Dr. Tommie Robinson, director of the Scottish Rite Center for Childhood Language Disorders in the Department of Hearing and Speech at Children's National Medical Center, for his ongoing support of Longwood's CSDS program.


2011 CSD Graduate Students with AAC Instructor Dr. Filip Loncke.


Chris Vaughan with Dr. Ken Perkins


Chris Vaughan with Dr. Power deFur at the Graduate Research Forum at UVa on February 16, 2012


2012 CSD Graduates


 2012 DLVE CSD Graduates


Jessica Popp at the 2013 ASHA conference presenting on her thesis, Speech-Language Pathologists' Views of Animal-Assisted Therapy


(March 2015) Three graduate students, Carly Fazio, Michelle Shapire and Samantha Lowe, supervised by Dr. Mani Aguilar, audiologist, participated in the 9th Annual Dinwiddie County Community Health Fair.  The experience was a hands-on opportunity for the graduate students to interact with the community.  Children and adults attending the Health Fair received comprehensive hearing screenings and information regarding hearing loss, hearing aids and speech-language developmental milestones.  Appropriate referrals were made for medical treatment of otological concerns, as well as speech-language and audiological evaluations.


(March 2015) Three graduate students from our Communication Sciences and Disorders, Aja Walker, Bridget Kramer (aka hearing superhero Decibella!) and Rachael Lindgren, supervised by Dr. Mani Aguilar, audiologist, presented a fun lecture on hearing, hearing loss and hearing conservation to seven classes of fourth graders at Prince Edward Elementary School. The experience was a hands-on opportunity for the graduate students to interact with the community.  The children at the elementary school were engaged in the activities and asked intelligent questions, such as, "Why do my ears ‘pop’ sometimes?"  The children also had an opportunity to share what they learned from the activities.  Insightful comments included, "It is important to protect our hearing," and "Loud sounds can hurt our hearing."
from  left to right:  Terri Wilson, President of the Farmville Lions Club; Beth Fitts, 4th grade teacher at PECES, Bridget Kramer (Decibella), Aja Walker, Rachael Lindgren; and Tom Young, Lions Club member.

Lauren Robinson conducting hearing screenings for Governor Bob McDonnell's staff


Rachel Brenegar conducting hearing screenings for Governor Bob McDonnell's staff


Jennifer Hazlegrove conducting hearing screenings for Governor Bob McDonnell's staff


Rachel Brenegar, Dr. Lissa Power deFur, Jennifer Hazlegrove, and Lauren Robinson during an opportunity to conduct hearing screenings for Governor Bob McDonnell's staff.


The Aural Rehabilitation class went apple picking after the field trip to the Va School for the Deaf and the Blind and the U Va Cochlear Implant program.

Jessica Popp, masters' candidate 2013, Katie Robertson, SLP in Loudoun County Public schools, 2010 graduate fielding questions at their presentation on Animal-Assisted Therapy at the 2013 Speech-Language-Hearing Association of Virginia convention Mar 21 - 23, 2013

Jessica Popp and Katie Robertson with Dr. Lissa Power deFur (thesis advisor for Jessica) and Dr. Stephen Keith (Katie's mentor)


On July 28, graduate communication sciences and disorders students Cassie Stergar, Aja Walker, Holly Wall and CSD senior, Geoff Uelmen presented "Professional Communication" to the Call Me MISTER Summer Institute.  The interactive presentation focused on effective communication in college and work settings.  Topics included clear communication, nonverbal communication, professional dress, code switching, and email communication. 

Becca Davis (with Dr. Peggy Agee not pictured) presenting at the Speech and Hearing Association of Virginia spring convention on March 21, 2013, in Richmond, VA.  The title of their presentation was See It! Hear It! Read It:  Phonological Awareness Activities for Preschoolers.

Through the support of Holiday Lake 4-H staff, Longwood University, Radford University and the VA Dept of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, children and youth, who are deaf or hearing of hearing, are able to gather, communicate and socialize with one-another without boundaries.   Nationally certified interpreters and Speech Language Pathologists are on hand to facilitate communication through a variety of means, including ASL and speech.   Chaperones for the weekend include Longwood University graduate students and volunteers who are familiar with hearing loss.  Campers are treated to a technology and resource fair to familiarize them with the latest resources available.