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2014-2015 Miscellaneous Reports

Longwood Faculty/Staff vs. Student Challenge (pdf)

Proposal - FPPM Revisions to Section II. U. Online and Blended/Hybrid Teaching and Learning - 4-9-15 (pdf)

Undergraduate Application for Degree Requirements - 4-9-15 (pdf)

Estimate Grade Reporting for ROTC - 4-9-15 (pdf)

Graduate Council Representative to Faculty Senate - 4-9-15 (pdf)

SGA Open Letter to Faculty on Diversity - 4-9-15 (pdf)

   BSA/SGA Statement on Campus Climate - 4-9-15 (pdf)

Proposal - CCCAS Dean's Search Procedure - 3-12-15 (pdf)

Syllabus Language - Mandatory Reporting - 3-12-15 (pdf)

Graduation Policy-Undergraduate - Revised Feb. 2015 (pdf)

Graduation Policy-Graduate - Feb. 2015 (pdf)

ACCC Guiding Principles--Final--Mar. 2015 (pdf)

Graduate Proposal--deposit increase (pdf)

Master Plan Steering Committee Meeting 9-10-14 (pdf)

Academic Core Curriculum Committee white paper (pdf)

Master Plan-Faculty Feedback - 12-16-14 (pdf)

  Finance and Planning Reports

   April 9, 2015 (pdf)

   March 12, 2015 (pdf)

   January 22, 2015 (pdf)

   October 9, 2014 (pdf)

 Spring 2015 Faculty Meeting Reports

    Minutes from Opening Faculty Meeting 8-22-14

    AAUP Salary Summary 2014

    AAUP Salary Study 14-15

Annual Committee Reports

   Academic Chairs Council 2014-2015 (pdf)

   Academic Outcomes Assessment & Program Review (pdf)   

   Academic Technology Advisory Committee 2014-2015 (pdf)

   Bookstore Innovation Group 2014-2015 (pdf)

   Center for Faculty Enrichment 2014-2015 (pdf)

   Committee on General Education 2014-2015 (pdf)

   Educational Policy Committee 2014-2015 (pdf)

   Faculty Development and Research 2014-2015 (pdf)

   Faculty Petitions Committee 2014-2015 (pdf)

   Finance and Planning Committee 2014-2015 (pdf)

   Intercollegiate Athletic Council 2014-2015 (pdf)

   Senior Honors Research Committee 2014-2015 (pdf)

   University Lectures Committee 2014-2015 (pdf)