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EHS&EM Safety Awards Committee

Safety Recognition Program

Creating a safe working environment is everybody's business and it not only benefits you and Longwood University, but also fellow co-workers, students, visitors, and even your family. This program can help avert injury or property damage from occurring, prevent fewer people from suffering pain and medical care, prevent fewer work hours or days from being missed, and prevent Longwood University from spending money to treat injuries or repair property damage. Accidents do happen, but they can be prevented by following safe work practices. We all need to be safety-conscious each and every day not only while on Longwood University premises but at home and while traveling as well.

In order to recognize employees for working safely, promoting safety and for encouraging safe work practices, Longwood University's EHS&EM Safety Committee has created the Safety Award Program. This program is meant to positively reinforce the benefits of working safely through a proactive approach of recognition, evaluation and control of unsafe work practices and hazardous conditions.

Who is Eligible for the Program:

All full-time and part-time employees including staff, administrative professionals, faculty, and students are eligible.

For eligibility purposes, the award quarters run as follows:

• Fall: August - December
• Spring: January - May
• Summer: May - August

The Safety Award Program will be based on the Campus Safety Award Nomination Forms submitted for that award quarter which is considered by the Safety Award Committee to greatly improve the environmental, health safety, and emergency management for University employees, students, visitors and/or property. The nominee for the award must have no accidents or incidents in the award quarter the Campus Safety Award (exception for Life Saving).

Winner Selection and Recognition Incentives:

The winner of the Campus Safety Award Nomination will be voted on by the Safety Award Committee though a majority vote based on award criteria. That selection will be final.

One or more of the following criteria must be met to be eligible for award consideration:

• Implementing a safety program for their workplace.
• Taking a role and being a strong advocate for environmental, health safety, and emergency management.
• Demonstrating a significant improvement over previous conditions.
• Constantly maintaining a good safety program over time.
• Making an extra effort to improve or correct a specific aspect related to workplace health and safety.
• Saving a life or preventing a life threatening injury.

The four award categories are:

• Solution for Workplace Hazard.
• Department contribution to improving Health and Safety.
• Safety Leadership.
• Life Saving.

If no winner(s) has been chosen for an award quarter the prize will not roll-over to the next award quarter.

Winner(s) will be notified by email and will be invited to attend the EHS&EM Safety Committee meeting where they will be presented with their certificate and award. Winners of the Life Saving award will be presented with a plaque at the Annual Employee Awards Banquet. All winners will be recognized in the University's monthly newsletter "The Link", on the Environmental, Health Safety & Emergency Management website, and in the EHS&EM newsletter.

All forms are to submitted either online or by campus mail to EHS&EM Office, Iler 106.

Award Nomination Form (pdf)