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Announcement of Topic

The identification of possible topics for Longwood's Quality Enhancement Plan for SACSCOC reaccreditation has involved the entire university community. All of us on the SACSCOC Leadership Team are grateful for your participation in the process.

We want especially to recognize the work of the QEP Topic Selection Committee, which recently fulfilled its particular charge by recommending four topics for Longwood's QEP to the SACSCOC Leadership Team. The topics involved internships, student research, a combination of the two, and cultural diversity (including elements of global diversity). 

All of these topics are key issues at Longwood and deserve attention. After considering the potential for making a significant difference in students' learning at multiple points in their time at Longwood, the likelihood of successfully involving relevant constituencies in the development and implementation of a plan, and the results of the university-wide survey on the QEP topic proposals, the Leadership Team has selected student research, or academic inquiry, as Longwood's topic, with an explicit focus on core competencies such as critical thinking, written communication, and information literacy. This topic was the first or second choice of a majority of the students, faculty, and staff who responded to the survey. And as one survey respondent commented, "Students who do research directly contribute to the most basic mission of any university: to produce knowledge."

Work will begin soon on gathering ideas from across Longwood on how different departments define academic inquiry, on surveying current activities and practices at Longwood related to this area that our QEP can build on, and on forming a QEP Working Group.  Mc Amoss will continue to lead this effort.

Developing a Quality Enhancement Plan is an opportunity that we must not squander.  Please remember that your help will be needed in the coming year as we seek to prepare a plan that will make a difference for our students.

SACSCOC Leadership Team
W. Taylor Reveley IV
Ken Perkins
Pam Tracy
Virginia Kinman
Mc Amoss