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Compliance Teams

A Steering Committee and seven Compliance Teams will prepare the Compliance Report:

The members and the SACSCOC principles assigned to each Compliance Team are listed below.

Compliance Steering Committee


The Compliance Steering Committee appoints and oversees the Compliance, Editorial, Technology and Hospitality Teams; ensures the Longwood community is engaged in the review process and is informed of progress; develops strategy and prepares recommendations for the Leadership Team; and certifies the quality and integrity of the data and information in the Compliance Report. The Compliance Steering Committee will also evaluate Comprehensive Standards 3.12 Substantive Change and 3.13 Policy Compliance.

Compliance Team chairs will meet with the Steering Committee as needed.


  • Ms. Virginia Kinman, Director of SACS Compliance Certification (chair)
  • Dr. Larissa Fergeson, Chair of Faculty Senate and Associate Professor of History
  • Ms. Penny Howard, Interim Vice President of Information Technology Services, and Chief Information Officer
  • Ms. Onie McKenzie, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Dr. Jeannine Perry, Dean of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies
  • Dr. Pam Tracy, Associate Professor of Communication Studies 
  • Dr. Ling Whitworth, Director of Assessment and Institutional Research

Educational Programs Compliance Team


  • Chene Heady, Associate Professor of English (chair)
  • Peggy Agee, Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Connie Ballard, Director of Professional Services
  • Gini Black, Assistant Registrar
  • Dave Carkenord, Professor of Psychology
  • Kathy Charleston, Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies
  • Audrey Church, Associate Professor and Coordinator of the School Library Media Program
  • Scott Cole, Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Sharon Emerson-Stonnell, Professor of Mathematics
  • Liz Kocevar-Weidinger, Instruction/Reference Services Librarian
  • Sallie McMullin, Dean of Admissions
  • Abbey O'Connor, Assistant Dean for External Affairs & MBA Program Director
  • Keith Rider, Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Mary Meade Saunders, Director, Academic and Career Advising Center
  • Shawn Smith, Associate Professor of English
  • Steve Whitaker, Assistant Professor of Education


Core Requirements:
       2.7 Educational Programs

Comprehensive Standards:
       3.4 All Educational Programs (except 3.4.9 and 3.4.12)
       3.5 Undergraduate Programs (except 3.5.4)
       3.6 Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate Professional Programs

Federal Requirements:
       4.1 Student Achievement
       4.2 Program Curriculum
       4.4 Program Length
       4.9 Definition of Credit Hours


Faculty Compliance Team


  • David Shoenthal, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (chair)
  • Chris Bjornsen, Professor of Psychology
  • Rhonda Brock-Servais, Professor of English and Chair of the Department of English and Modern Languages
  • Bob Cochran, Associate Professor of Accounting
  • David Coles, Professor of History and Chair of the Department of History, Political Science, and Philosophy 
  • Wade Edwards, Associate Professor of French
  • Cynthia Erickson, Assocoate Registrar
  • Jeff Halliday, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
  • Rena Koesler, Professor of Therapeutic Recreation
  • Sarah Porter, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • Lissa Power deFur, Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders and Director of Graduate Program
  • Frances Reeve, Associate Professor of School Library Media
  • Maureen Walls-McKay, Director, Counseling And Psychological Services
  • Bob Webber, Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics


Core Requirements:
       2.8    Full-Time Faculty 

Comprehensive Standards:
       3.5.4 Terminal Degrees of Faculty
       3.7    Faculty


Finance & Physical Facilities Compliance Team


  • Louise Waller, Real Property and Space Planning Manager (chair)
  • Vonnie Colvin, Professor of Physical Education
  • Kerri Cushman, Associate Professor of Art
  • Suzanne Donnelly, Assistant Professor of Science Education
  • Brandi Gulgas, Scheduling Coordinator, Conferences and Scheduling
  • Charlie Kinzer, Professor of Music and Chair of the Department of Music
  • Tracy Nelson, Assistant Vice President for Financial Operations
  • David Overstreet, Staff Auditor
  • Dawn Schwartz, Financial Reporting Manager
  • Jennifer Sheeler, Administrative Assistant for Facilities Administrative Services 
  • Melissa Shepherd, Assistant Director of Financial Aid
  • Susan Sullivan, Director of Student Union and Involvement


Core Requirements:
       2.11 Resources 

Comprehensive Standards:
       3.10 Financial Resources
       3.11 Physical Resources

Federal Requirements:
       4.7  Title IV Program Responsibilities


Institutional Effectiveness Compliance Team


  • Susan Lynch, Associate Professor of Therapeutic Recreation (chair)
  • Darlene Bratcher, Director of Conferences and Scheduling
  • Jennifer Capaldo, Assistant Professor of Music
  • Jen Cox, Area Coordinator, Off Campus Living
  • Alix Fink, Dean of Cormier Honors College for Citizen Scholars and Associate Professor of Biology
  • Melinda Fowlkes, Assistant Dean, College and Business and Economics and Assistant Professor of Business
  • Danette Gibbs, Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Ed Kinman, Associate Professor of Geography and Interim Assistant Dean, Cook-Cole College of Arts and Sciences
  • Pam McDermott, Assistant Professor of Music
  • Matt McGregor, Associate Dean for Wellness and Director of Campus Recreation
  • Michelle Parry, Associate Professor of Physics and Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Physics
  • Alicia Peterson, Lecturer, Fitness Concepts Health, Recreation & Kinesiology
  • Paula Prouty, Director of Development and Advancement Services
  • Kim Redford, Director of User Support Services
  • Gerry Sokol, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Angela Stimpson, Manager,  Facilities Administrative Services
  • Linda Townsend, Assessment Coordinator
  • Charles White, Assistant Professor of Management


Core Requirements: 
       2.5  Institutional Effectiveness

Comprehensive Standards:
       3.3  Institutional Effectiveness


Library, Learning Resources & Academic Support Services Compliance Team


  • Stephanie Buchert, Associate Professor of Psychology (chair)
  • Lee Bidwell, Professor of Sociology
  • Gretchen Braun, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Jennifer Eckrote, Information Security Policy, Awareness and Training Coordinator
  • Claire La Roche, Associate Professor of Business Law
  • David Magill, Assistant Professor of English
  • Ellen Masters, Associate Director, Academic and Career Advising Center
  • Maya Ozery, Academic Services Assistant, Athletics
  • Tatiana Pashkova-Balkenhol, Assistant Instructional Design Librarian
  • Philip Poplin, Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Nancy Powers, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Rebecca Sturgill, Director of the Center for Academic Success


Core Requirements:
        2.9     Learning Resources and Services

Comprehensive Standards:
        3.4.9   Academic Support Services
        3.4.12 Technology Use
        3.8      Library and Other Learning Resources 

Federal Requirements:
        4.8      Student Authentication       


Mission, Governance & Administration Compliance Team


  • Mary Lehman, Professor of Biology (chair)
  • Consuelo Alvarez, Associate Professor of Biology
  • Frank Bacon, Professor of Finance
  • Gina Caldwell, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions
  • Rick Chassey, Director of Honor and Judicial Programs
  • Ken Copeland, Executive Director, Longwood Foundation
  • Hazel Duncan, Chief Financial Officer, Longwood Foundation
  • Jeanne Hayden, Executive Assistant to the Board of Visitors
  • Courtney Hodges, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
  • Naomi Johnson, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
  • Lisa Kinzer, Professor of Music
  • Eric Laws, Professor of Psychology and Chair of the Department of Psychology
  • Sheri Maguire, Executive Director, Small Business Development Center
  • Ruth Meese, Ranson Professor of Special Education
  • Suzy Palmer, Dean of the Library
  • Alexander Ricker-Gilbert, Director of Compliance
  • Walter Witschey, Professor of Anthropology and Science Education


Core Requirements:
       2.1  Degree-Granting Authority
       2.2  Governing Board
       2.3  Chief Executive Officer
       2.4  Institutional Mission
       2.6  Continuous Operation

Comprehensive Standards:
       3.1   Mission
       3.2   Governance and Administration
       3.14 Publication of Accreditation Status 


Student Affairs & Student Support Services Compliance Team


  • Gus Hemmer, Associate Director of Campus Recreation (chair)
  • Josh Blakely, Area Coordinator-West Campus
  • Bill Burger, Professor of Sociology
  • Tammy Hines, Reader Services Librarian
  • Lauren Karidis, Admissions Counselor
  • Hannah Ledger, Transfer Credit Officer
  • Matt Lucas, Associate Professor of Physical Health Education
  • Sara Miller, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Cameron Patterson, Program Coordinator, Disability Resources
  • Scott Senn, Assistant Professor  of Philosophy
  • Susan Stinson, Lecturer
  • Greg Tsigaridas, Senior Computer Systems Engineer
  • Stacey Wilkerson, Assistant Director of First Year Experience


Core Requirements:
       2.10  Student Support Services

Comprehensive Standards:
       3.9    Student Affairs and Services

Federal Requirements:
       4.3    Publication of Policies
       4.5    Student Complaints
       4.6    Recruitment Materials