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Documents Library

Documents Library (printer-friendly PDF)
Final Title Location
AACSB Maintenance of Accreditation, Team Visit Report (2007) Team_Visit_Report_CBE.pdf
ACAC Director's Overview (2008-09) Career Assessment Evaluation 2008-09 Director's Overview.pdf
ACAC Mission Statement (ACAC website) Academic and Career Advising Mission.pdf
Academic Appeal Example (Modification of Degree Requirements) Academic Appeal Example.pdf
Academic Calendar (Grad Cat 2009-10) GradCatalog0910 2-3.pdf
Academic Calendar (Undergrad Cat 2009-10) Undergrad Catalog Academic Calendar 2009-2010.pdf
Academic Calendars (Academic Affairs website) Academic Affairs Calendars.pdf
Academic Calendars (Calendars and Events website) Calendars and Events.pdf
Academic Load (FPPM 2009-10) FPPM_2009_2010 9-11.pdf
Academic Load (FPPM 2009-10, Graduate Teaching) FPPM_2009_2010 10.pdf
Academic Probation and Suspension Policy (Undergrad Cat 2009-10, Acad Reg) Academic Regulations Academic Probation and Suspension.pdf
Academic Program Length (2009-10)  program_length.pdf
Academic Programs (2009-10) majors.pdf
Academic Programs of Study (Undergrad Cat 2009-10) Longwood University Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2010 Page 18.pdf
Academic Unit Assessment Reporting Schedule  Academic_Unit_Assessment_Reporting_Schedule_Modified_(2)[2].pdf
Accommodations (DSS website) DSS Possible Accomodations.pdf
ACHA-NCHA Survey (executive summary, 2009) NCHA Spring 2009 Survey Summary 1 and 4.pdf
Adjunct Faculty (APPM, Policy 2101) APPM Policy_2101.pdf
Admissions Brochure:  Chemistry (2009-10) Admissions Chemistry Flyer.pdf
Admissions Brochure:  Excel, Discover, Experience (2009-10) Admissions Excel Discover Experience.pdf
Admissions Brochure:  Teacher Preparation Programs (2009-10) Admissions Teacher Preparation Programs.pdf
Admissions Brochure:  Transfer Students (2009-10) Admissions How to Transfer.pdf
Admissions Brochure: Communication Sciences and Disorders (2009-10) Graduate Studies Pamphlet CSD.pdf
Admissions Brochure: Graduate Studies at Longwood University (2009-10) Graduate Studies Brochure.pdf
Admissions Brochure: International Students (2009-10) IndiaBrochure.pdf
Admissions Committee (FPPM 2009-10) FPPM_2009_2010 137.pdf
Admissions Policy (APPM, Policy 8101) APPM policy_8101.pdf
Admissions Selection Criteria (APPM, Policy 8102) APPM Policy_8102.pdf
Admissions Staff (WhyLongwood website) Admissions Staff.pdf
Affirmative Action Statement (LU website) Equal Opportunity.pdf
Alcohol Policy (S-A Hdbk 2009-10) 09-10Student-Athlete Handbook 37-38.pdf
Anthony Koyzis - CV Curriculum Vitae, Anthony Koyzis.pdf
Anthropology Biennial Assessment Report (2007-09, excerpt) Anthropology report CCCAS.pdf
APA Longwood University Report on Audit for the Year Ended June 30, 2006 Report on Audit 063006.pdf
APA Longwood University Report on Audit for the Year Ended June 30, 2007 Report on Audit 063007.pdf
APA Longwood University Report on Audit for the Year Ended June 30, 2008 Report on Audit 063008.pdf
APA Single Audit Report for the Year Ended June 30, 2006 SSA06.pdf
APA Single Audit Report for the Year Ended June 30, 2007 SSA07.pdf
APA Single Audit Report for the Year Ended June 30, 2008 SSA08.pdf
ARAMARK Organizational Chart ARAMARK_Org_Chart.pdf
Arboriculture Management Plan Arboriculture Management Plan.pdf
Area Coordinators (FPPM 2009-10) FPPM_2009_2010 P74-75.pdf
Assessment Team, Purpose and Objectives (2009-10) 2009-10 Assessment Team Purpose & Objectives.pdf
Athletic Offices Renovation, Project Request Justification (2005) Athletic Offices Documents.pdf
Athletics Complex (Lancers website) Athletics - Athletics Complex.pdf
Attendance Policy (S-A Hdbk 2009-10) 09-10Student-Athlete Handbook 7-8.pdf
Attendant Care Services (DSS website) DSS Attendant Care Services.pdf
Bedford Hall Renovation, Project Request Justification (2005) Bedford Hall Documents.pdf
Biennial Assessment Report Template (2007) LUassessment_policy 7.pdf
Biological and Environmental Sciences Assessment Committee (minutes, 10/5/09) BIO_Assessment_Minutes_for_5_Oct.pdf
Biological and Environmental Sciences G6 Working Group (proposed agenda, February 2010) Biology_Goal_6_Minutes.pdf
Blackwell Hall Renovation (Campus Impact website) Blackwell Hall.pdf
BOV Bylaws, Article IV (BOV website) Bylaws - Longwood University.pdf
Brock Commons, Campus Master Plan, Parking Plan and Design Guidelines (brochure) Brock_Commons_2001_Campus_Masterplan.pdf
Calendars and Schedules (Parents and Families website) Parents and Families.pdf
Campus Map LU_campus_map.pdf
Campus Police Mission Statement (Public Safety website) Campus Police-About.pdf
CAS Executive Summary and Action Plan, RCL (2008-09) RCL 08-09 CAS Executive Summary and Action Plan Report.pdf
CAS Self-Study Responsibilities Responsibilities and Roles related to CAS Self-Assessment 09-10.pdf
CBE Biennial Undergraduate Assessment Report (2010, Program Goal 7 example) CBE_Undergraduate_Assessment_Report 8.pdf
CBE Fall Faculty Retreat (agenda, 8/18/09) CBE_Fall_Retreat_2009.pdf
CBE Program Length (letter, 2/19/10) Program Length CBE.pdf
CBE Undergraduate Learning Outcomes and Goals Undergraduate Learning Outcomes CBE.pdf
CCCAS Assessment Inventory (2000-2009) CCCAS_Assessment_Inventory.pdf
CCCAS Program Length (letter, 2/1/10) Program Length A&S.pdf
CEHS Program Length (e-mail, 2/26/10) Program Length CEHS.pdf
Center for Communication Studies and Theatre (press release, 9/17/09) Comm Center 2009.pdf
CF Standard IV:  Implementation/Management (CEHS website) CF_Standard_4_Rubric.pdf
Charles Buddy Bolding Stadium (Lancers website) Athletics - Bolding Stadium.pdf
Charles Ross - CV Curriculum Vitae, Charles Ross.pdf
Cheryl Davis - CV Curriculum Vitae, Cheryl Davis.pdf
Chichester Science Center (press release, 11/21/05) Science Center 2005 (2).pdf
Chief Academic Affairs Officer: 3000, Student Affairs(APPM) APPM Section 2 - 3000.pdf
Chief Administration and Finance Officer: 4000 and 5000 (APPM) APPM Section III 4000 and 5000.pdf
Chief Information Technology and Facilities Officer: 6100, Information Technology (APPM) APPM Section IV 6000.pdf
Chief Information Technology and Facilities Officer: 7200, Facilities Management (APPM) APPM Section IV 7000.pdf
Chief University Advancement Officer: 9000 (APPM) APPM Section V 9000.pdf
Cleaning Green (Think Green - Act Green! website) Cleaning Green.pdf
Clinical Simulation Learning Center (Nursing Program website) Nursing Simulation.pdf
College Curriculum Committees (FPPM 2009-10) FPPM_2009_2010 161.pdf
Colleges (Undergrad Cat 2009-10) Longwood_University_Undergraduate_Catalog_2009-2010 33-217-247.pdf
Committee on Academic Outcomes and Program Review Committee on Academic Outcomes approved.pdf
Committee on Educational Policy (FPPM 2009-10) FPPM_2009_2010 139.pdf
Committee on General Education (FPPM 2009-10) FPPM_2009_2010 150-151.pdf
Common Data Set (2008-09, Instructional Faculty and Class Size) Official_CommonDataSet_2008-09 CDS-I 1-2.pdf
Community Service Opportunities (VSE website) Volunteer Service Opportunities.pdf
Community Service Reflection Guide (VSE website) Volunteer Reflection Guide.pdf
Commuter Students (website) RCL Commuter Home.pdf
Commuter Students FAQ (RCL website) RCL Commuter FAQ.pdf
Compass Community (FYE website) New Student Compass Community.pdf
Composition Policies (English and Modern Languages website) Composition Bylaws.pdf
Computer Labs  (IITS website) ITS Computer Labs.pdf
Conceptual Framework Standards (CEHS website) Conceptual Framework.pdf
Core Competencies (SCHEV Task Force on Assessment, 2007) SCHEV 2007 Task Force Report.pdf
Core Competency Team (agenda, 6/23/09) CoreCompetency Team Meeting Minutes 062309.pdf
Core Competency Team (agenda, 8/19/09) CoreCompetency Team Meeting Minutes 081909.pdf
Cormier Honors College for Citizen Scholars (print ad series) Recruitment Ads.pdf
Cormier Honors College for Citizen Scholars (website) Cormier Honors College.pdf
Counseling Center (Factbook 2008-09) FACTbook_2008_120209 80.pdf
Counseling Center Evaluation Statistics (2008-09) Counseling Center Aggregate Summary Evaluation 2008-09.pdf
Counseling Center Services  (Counseling Center website) Counseling Center.pdf
Course Waiver Procedure (DSS website) Academic Appeal Course Waiver Procedure.pdf
Cox Hall (RCL website) RCL Cox Hall.pdf
Craig Rogers - CV Curriculum Vitae, Craig Rogers.pdf
Criteria for Faculty Evaluation (FPPM 2009-10) FPPM_2009_2010 84-88.pdf
Curriculum Committee Chairs (Curr Dev Hdbk 2009) CurriculumHdbk_09 6.pdf
Curriculum Development Handbook (2009) CurriculumHdbk_09.pdf
Curriculum Map:  General Education and SCHEV Competencies GenEd curriculum map.pdf
Deans (FPPM 2009-10) FPPM_2009_2010 66-69.pdf
Deans Council (agenda, 10/21/09) Dean's Council Agenda 102109.pdf
Deneese Jones - CV Curriculum Vitae, Deneese Jones.pdf
Department Chairs (FPPM 2009-10) FPPM_2009_2010 P70-73.pdf
Design Guidelines and Construction Standards (2008) Construction_Design_Standards.pdf
Dining Options - Chick-fil-A Dining Chick-fil-A.pdf
Dining Options - Energy Zone Dining Energy Zone.pdf
Dining Options - Java City Dining Java City.pdf
Dining Options - Lancer Café Dining Lancer Cafe.pdf
Dining Options - Moe's Southwest Grill Dining Moe's.pdf
Dining Services Mission Statement (Dining website) Dining Mission.pdf
Dining Services Student Employee Program (Dining website) Dining Employment.pdf
Discrimination Appeal Example Discrimination Appeal Example.pdf
Distance Education  (IITS website) ITS Distance Education.pdf
Dorrill Dining Hall (Dining website) Dining Dorrill.pdf
Dr. Jim Jordan's Ghost Stories (Real Life Longwood, Episode 7) Dr Jim Jordans Ghost Stories.pdf
Drug Policy (S-A Hdbk 2009-10) 09-10Student-Athlete Handbook 38-40.pdf
DSS (Factbook 2008-09) FACTbook_2008_120209 80.pdf
DSS Grievance Procedure (2008) DSS Grievance Procedure.pdf
EBI Fraternity / Sorority Assessment (slideshow, 2009) 2009 EBI FratSorAssessment Results.pdf
Education Recruitment Day, Student Evaluation Summary (2008-09) Career Assessment Evaluation 2008-09 Education Recruitment Day.pdf
Employment Management for Administrative and Professional Faculty (APPM, Policy 5226) APPM Policy_5226.pdf
Energy Management Program (2009) Energy_Management_Program.pdf
Environmental Protection Policy (APPM, Policy 1011) APPM Environmental Protection Policy.pdf
Erin Devine - CV Curriculum Vitae, Erin Devine.pdf
Events Schedule (MAISS website) MCA Events.pdf
Expenses and Financial Policy (Grad Cat 2009-10) GradCatalog0910 15-20.pdf
Facilities Management Services and Capital Planning and Construction, Final Report (2005) Facilities_Assessment.pdf
Facilities Survey Results (2008) Facilities_Satisfaction_Survey.pdf
Faculty Honor and Judicial System Survey Results (2005 and 2007) Honor and Judicial System Faculty Survey.pdf
Faculty Senate (minutes, 1/28/10) Senate Minutes 1-28-10.pdf
Faculty Senate (minutes, 2/18/10) Senate Minutes_2-18-10.pdf
Family Weekend (SUI website) Family Weekend.pdf
Federal Student Aid and School Eligibility Program Participation Agreement (2011) Financial Aid PPA.pdf
Federal Student Aid School Default Rates (2005-2007) Cohort_Default_Rate.pdf
Financial Aid Appeal Example (Satisfactory Academic Progress) Financial Aid Appeal Example.pdf
Financial Aid Appeals (S-A Hdbk 2009-10) 09-10Student-Athlete Handbook 32-34.pdf
Financial Literacy (Financial Aid website) Financial Aid Literacy.pdf
First Year Experience (website) First Year Experience.pdf
First Year Reading Experience (FYE website) New Student First Year Reading Experience.pdf
First Year Student Orientation and Registration Schedule (2009) First Year Orientation Schedule 09.pdf
Flower Gardens Management Plan Flower Garden Management Plan.pdf
Foreign Language Course Waiver Policy (DSS website) Academic Appeal Foreign Language Course Waiver Policy.pdf
Formal Program Review Schedule, Student Affairs St Affrs Formal Program Review Schedule 09.pdf
Francis Moore - CV Curriculum Vitae, Francis Moore.pdf
Freshman Admission Requirements (WhyLongwood website) Admissions Policies Freshmen.pdf
Full-Time Faculty, Fall 2008 and Spring 2009, by Discipline and Location Summary 2-8 Fall08-Spr09.pdf
General Education (Undergrad Cat 2009-10) General Education Goals.pdf
General Education Course Component Matrix (Curr Dev Hdbk 2009) CurriculumHdbk_09 62-64.pdf
General Education Course Proposal Form and Matrix (Curr Dev Hdbk 2009) CurriculumHdbk_09 32-33 61-63.pdf
General Education Goal 1 GenEd Goal One.pdf
Globalization and Religious Pluralism (MAISS website) MCA Globalization and Religious Pluralism.pdf
Grade Appeals (Undergrad 2009-10, Acad Reg) Academic Regulations Grade Appeals.pdf
Grade Estimates (Undergrad Cat 2009-10, Acad  Reg) Academic Regulations Grade Estimates.pdf
Grades (Grad Cat 2009-10) GradCatalog0910 38.pdf
Grading (Undergrad Cat 2009-10, Acad Reg) Academic Regulations Grading.pdf
Grading Policies (Registration website) Registration Grading Policies.pdf
Graduate Admission Requirements (GES website) Graduate Admission Requirements.pdf
Graduate Admission Requirements (WhyLongwood  website) Admissions Policies Graduate.pdf
Graduate Admissions (GES website) Graduate Studies Admissions.pdf
Graduate Admissions (Grad Cat 2009-10) GradCatalog0910 10-15.pdf
Graduate Admissions Interest Meetings (letter, 2/9/10) Graduate Admissions Interest Meetings.pdf
Graduate Catalog (2009-10) GradCatalog0910.pdf
Graduate Committee (FPPM 2009-10) FPPM_2009_2010 154.pdf
Graduate Programs (Grad Cat 2009-10) GradCatalog0910 8.pdf
Graduation by Major (Factbook 2008-09) FACTbook_2008_120209 54-58.pdf
Graduation Survey Graduation Survey.pdf
Grainger Hall (press release, August 2003) Grainger Hall (3).pdf
Grievance Procedures (S-A Hdbk 2009-10) 09-10Student-Athlete Handbook 40.pdf
H.E.A.T. (Public Safety website) H.E.A.T.pdf
Health and Fitness Center (Campus Recreation website) HFC Home.pdf
Health and Fitness Center (Factbook 2008-09) FACTbook_2008_120209 79.pdf
Health and Fitness Center Programs (Campus Recreation website) HFC Programs.pdf
Heating Plant, Project Request Justification (2003) Heating Plant Documents.pdf
Hiner Maintenance Requirement List Report (example) FICAS_mntc_report.pdf
HJP Appeal Process (Student Hdbk 2009-10) StudentHandbook_2009_2010 21-22.pdf
HJP Learning Plan Report (2006-07) Honor and Judicial 2006-2007 Learning Plan Report.pdf
HJP Request for Appeal Form Student Conduct Request for Appeal Form.pdf
Honor and Judicial Programs (website) Honor and Judicial Programs.pdf
Honor System (HJP website) Honor and Judicial Honor Code.pdf
Hull Springs Farm (website) Hull Springs Farm.pdf
INCITE Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship (press release, 4/18/08) Incite news release.pdf
Information for Prospective Students (DSS website) DSS Prospective Students.pdf
Institute for Teaching through Technology and Innovative Practices (website) ITTIP.pdf
Interim Report on Operational Review of Financial Aid (memorandum, 9/11/06) Interim Report on Operational Review of Financial Aid 2006.pdf
Internal Audit of Financial Aid (2009) Longwood_University_Internal_Audit_of_Financial_Aid.pdf
Internal Audit: Charter (APPM, Policy 1301) APPM Policy_1301.pdf
International Admissions (WhyLongwood website) Admissions Policies International.pdf
International Buddy Program (MAISS website) MCA Buddy Program.pdf
International Students (website) International Students.pdf
Jarman Renovation, Project Request Justification (2004) Jarman Hall Documents.pdf
Joan of Arc Leadership Program (LSE website) Joan of Arc Leadership Program.pdf
Kathy Worster - CV Curriculum Vitae, Kathy Worster.pdf
Kinesiology (Undergrad Cat 2009-10) 09UngradEHS 273-276.pdf
Lancer Field (Lancers website) Athletics - Lancer Field.pdf
Lancer Park (Campus Recreation website) Recreation Lancer Park.pdf
Lancer Park Apartments and Townhouses (RCL website) RCL Lancer Park Apartments and Townhomes.pdf
Land Survey LU Land Survey.pdf
Landscaping and Grounds Management Strategic Plan (2008) Strategic_Landscaping_Grounds_Mgmt_Plan.pdf
Landscaping and Grounds Organizational Chart Org_Chart_Grounds.pdf
Leadership and Student Engagement (website) Leadership & Civic Engagement.pdf
Learning Center (website) Learning Center.pdf
Learning Center Annual Report (2008-09) Learning Center Annual_Report_08-09.pdf
Liberal Studies (Undergrad Cat 2009-10) 09UngradAS 38-44.pdf
Longwood Ambassadors Tour Manual (2007-08) ambassador_tour_manual.pdf
Longwood Center for Communication, Literacy and Learning (website) LCCLL.pdf
Longwood Center for the Visual Arts (website) LCVA.pdf
Longwood Landings (RCL website) RCL Longwood Landings Apartments.pdf
Longwood Live (WhyLongwood website) Longwood Live.pdf
Longwood REAL Life User's Guide Real_Life_Users_Guide_2009Fall.pdf
Longwood Show Episode 3 (e-mail, 11/17/09) Longwood Show Episode 3 Email from David Hooper.pdf
Longwood University Building Gross Square Feet (2003-2009) 2003-2009 Building SF list.pdf
Longwood University home page Longwood University Home Page.pdf
Longwood University Mission and Vision Mission and Vision.pdf
Longwood University Strategic Plan Strategic Plan - Longwood University.pdf
Longwood Village (RCL website) RCL Longwood Village Apartments.pdf
LSEM Goals and Objectives (LSEM website) Longwood Seminar.pdf
Maintenance Reserve Report (example) Maintenance_Reserve_Report.pdf
MAISS (website) MCA Home.pdf
Marketing Plan from CRT/tanaka (2009-10) CRT_Longwood_Plan_Year_5_2009_2010.pdf
MBA Advantage (brochure, 2009-10) MBAdvantage.pdf
MBA Advisory Council (CBE Bylaws) CBE bylaws-faculty information 6.pdf
MBA Biennial Assessment Report (2010, program goal 2 example) CBE Graduate Assessment Report 2.pdf
MBA Learning Outcomes and Goals Graduate Learning Outcomes and Goals CBE.pdf
MBA Program (CBE website) MBA Program.pdf
Minority Student Recruitment Plan (2006) Minority_student_recruitment_Plan(AUG_2006).pdf
Mission and Assessment Committee (CBE Bylaws) CBE bylaws-faculty information 5.pdf
Modification of General Education or Additional Degree Requirements (Undergrad Cat 2009-10, Acad Reg) Academic Regulations Modification.pdf
Mountain Lake Leadership Conference (schedule, 2009) Mountain_Lake_2009_Tentative_Schedule.pdf
Mountain Lake Leadership Conference Evaluation Summary (2009) Mountain Lake 09 EVALS.pdf
MS in Education (Grad Cat 2009-10) GradCatalog0910 52-66.pdf
MS in Sociology (Grad Cat 2009-10) GradCatalog0910 78-82.pdf
Multicultural Affairs and International Student Services (Factbook 2008-09) FACTbook_2008_120209 77-78.pdf
New Course and Course Change Process (Curr Dev Hdbk 2009) CurriculumHdbk_09 16-17 and 25.pdf
New Lancer Days (program, 2009) New Student New Lancer Days 2009.pdf
New Lancer Days Survey Results (2009) New Student New Lancer Days Survey.pdf
New Student Leadership Program (registration brochure, 2009) NSLP_brochure_2009.pdf
Nightwalkers (Public Safety website) Campus Police Nightwalkers.pdf
Non-Discrimination and Reasonable Accommodation on the Basis of Disability (APPM, Policy 5201) APPM Policy_5201.pdf
Nursing Program (CCCAS website) Nursing Program - Longwood University.pdf
OAIR and PR Collaboration (minutes, 2/16/09) OAIR_PR_meeting_report_012910.pdf
OAIR Training and Workshops (OAIR website) Assessment Training & Workshops.pdf
OAIR Website Announcement (e-mail, 7/16/09) Cormier_OAIR_Web_Site_Announcement_012910.pdf
Official Longwood Publications (APPM, Policy 9403) APPM Policy_9403.pdf
Oktoberfest (Mortar Board website) Oktoberfest.pdf
On-Campus Recruiting (slideshow, 2009-10) new_presentation_10-25-09.pdf
On-Line at Longwood, Faculty Policies and Procedures (FPPM 2009-10) FPPM_2009_2010 56-58.pdf
Online@Longwood (website) Online Longwood.pdf
Organizational Chart LU_org_chart_8-19-09.pdf
Orientation Evaluation Summary (2009) Orientation 2009 Evaluation summary.pdf
Parking Appeal Example Parking Appeal Example.pdf
Parking Appeal Form Parking Appeals Form.pdf
Parking Citation Appeals Committee (Public Safety website) Parking Citation Appeals Committee.pdf
Patricia Cormier - CV Curriculum Vitae, Patricia Cormier.pdf
Paul Barrett - CV Curriculum Vitae, Paul Barrett.pdf
Peer Health Education Code of Ethics (2003) peer_health_education_code_of_ethics.pdf
Peer Mentor Application (2010) Peer Mentor Application.pdf
PHETE Skill Portfolio (SPA Report, 2010) Assessment_2_-_Skill_Portfolio.pdf
Physical Plant Organizational Chart Org_Chart_Physical_Plant.pdf
Physics Program Review (2006, excerpt) Physics report CCCAS.pdf
Policy on University Assessment Activities and ACA (2007) LUassessment_policy.pdf
Post-Tenure Review (FPPM 2009-10) FPPM_2009_2010 101.pdf
Preventive Maintenance Work Order (example) Preventative_Maintenance_Workorder.pdf
Program Coordinators (2009-10) Program_Coordinators.pdf
Program Report for the Preparation of Reading Education Professionals (IRA Report, 2008, Section V) IRA Report 2008 32-33.pdf
Program Review Policy (2002) program review policy2002.pdf
Program Review Policy (2002, Major Program Assessments) program review policy2002 6-10.pdf
Project Success (LSE website) Project Success.pdf
Project Success EDUC 205 (sophomore syllabus, 2009) Sophomore_Syllabus_2009.pdf
Project Success EDUC 470 (senior syllabus, 2009) Senior_Syllabus_2009.pdf
Project Success, Student Assessment of Instruction (Fall 2008) Project_Success_08_SAI_Evals.pdf
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (FPPM 2009-10) FPPM_2009_2010 65.pdf
Psychology Biennial Report (2008, excerpt) Psychology report CCCAS.pdf
Rank of Lecturer and Senior Lecturer (FPPM 2009-10) FPPM_2009_2010 78-79.pdf
RCL Learning Plan (2007-08, Goals 2 and 3) RCL Learning Plan 2007-2008.pdf
Refunds (CSA website) Student Accounts Refunds.pdf
Refunds and Charge Adjustments (Grad Cat 2009-10) GradCatalog0910 25-28.pdf
Refunds and Charge Adjustments (Undergrad Cat 2009-10, Exp Fin Pol) Expenses and Financial Policy 10-13.pdf
Release of Information Concerning Longwood University (APPM, Policy 9404) APPM Policy_9404.pdf
Research and Educational Activities at Hull Springs Farm (HSF website) Hull Springs Farm Education and Research.pdf
Residential Grievance Procedure RCL residential grievance.pdf
Residential Students FAQ (RCL website) RCL Residential FAQ.pdf
Richard Bratcher - CV Curriculum Vitae, Richard Bratcher.pdf
Ruffner Hall (press release, 4/6/05) Ruffner Hall 2005 (3).pdf
Satisfactory Academic Progress (Financial Aid website) Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress.pdf
Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form (2009-10) Financial Aid Appeal Form.pdf
Secondary Mathematics (SPA Report, 2010, Section V) 2010_SPA_Report_-_Mathematics 32-33.pdf
Selection, Appointment and Reappointment of Faculty (FPPM 2009-10) FPPM_2009_2010 76-77 and 9-11.pdf
Senior Research Project (example) senior research project.pdf
Service-Learning (VSE website) Volunteer Service-Learning.pdf
Sexual Assault (Student Affairs website) Sexual Misconduct ADOS.pdf
Sexual Harassment (APPM, Policy 5231) APPM Policy_5231.pdf
Sexual Misconduct Policy (Student Hdbk 2009-10) StudentHandbook_2009_2010 74-78.pdf
Sharon Menegoni - CV Curriculum Vitae, Sharon Menegoni.pdf
SHWC (Factbook 2008-09) FACTbook_2008_120209 80.pdf
SHWC Services (website) SHWC Services.pdf
SHWC User Satisfaction Survey Summary (2008) SHWC Spring 2008 Satisfaction Survey Summary.pdf
Six Year Capital Plan (2009) Six_Year_Capital_Plan.pdf
Small Business Development Center (website) SBDC.pdf
SPA Assessment Plan, School Library Media (2006) School_Library_Media_SPA_Assessment_Plan_Church.pdf
SPA Report, Secondary Mathematics (2010, Section IV) 2010_SPA_Report_-_Mathematics 8-31.pdf
Space Allocation and Assignment Policy (APPM, Policy 7210) APPM Space Allocation and Assignment Policy_7210.pdf
Space Configuration Management Policy (APPM, Policy 7211) APPM Space Configuration Management Policy_7211.pdf
Space Planning and Management Committee (RPM website) Space Planning and Management Committee.pdf
Statement on Distance Learning and Non-Traditional Instruction (FPPM 2009-10) FPPM_2009_2010 54-55.pdf
Stormwater Management Master Plan (2008) Stormwater_Masterplan.pdf
Student Affairs (website) Student Affairs Home.pdf
Student Affairs Strategic Goals and Objectives (2009-10) 2009-10 SA Strategic Goals and Objectives.pdf
Student Conduct Appeal Example Student Conduct Appeal example.pdf
Student Development Goals Longwood's Six Student Development Goals.pdf
Student Development Goals  Mapped to FALDOs  FALDOs w LU St Dev Goals.pdf
Student Educators for Active Leadership (LSE website) Student Educators for Active Leadership.pdf
Student Employee Program Career Student Employment.pdf
Student Handbook (2009-10) StudentHandbook_2009_2010.pdf
Student Honor and Judicial System Survey Results (2005 and 2007) Honor and Judicial System Student Survey.pdf
Student Records and Annual Notification (APPM, Policy 1007) APPM Policy_1007.pdf
Student Records and Annual Notification (Student Hdbk 2009-10) StudentHandbook_2009_10 82-84.pdf
Student Responsibilities (HJP slideshow) Student Responsibilities orientation presentation.pdf
Student Responsibilities (Online@Longwood website) Online Student Responsibilities.pdf
Student Retention Report (BOV meeting, 3/24/06) Student Retention Report.pdf
Student Success (website) Student Success.pdf
Student-Athlete Academic Performance (2008-09) Student-Athlete Annual Rpt 0809.pdf
Student-Athlete Academic Services (website) Student-Athlete Academic Services.pdf
Student-Athlete Admissions Information Admission Procedures NCAA.pdf
Student-Athlete Appeal Example Student-Athlete Attendance Policy Appeal Example.pdf
Students with Disabilities (APPM, Policy 8106) APPM Policy_8106.pdf
Study Abroad (website) Study Abroad.pdf
Study Abroad Participation (2006 to 2009) Study Abroad Paticipation.pdf
Survey of French Literature II (general education course component matrix) French 342 Matrix.pdf
Survey of French Literature II (syllabus) French 342 Syllabus.pdf
Sustainability Strategic Plan (2008) Sustainability_Strategic_Plan.pdf
Syllabus (FPPM 2009-10) FPPM_2009_2010 12
Technology Accommodations (DSS website) DSS Technology Accomodations.pdf
Technology Center Project Request Justification (2007) IT_Center_Project_Justification.pdf
Terminal Degrees (FPPM 2009-10) FPPM_2009_2010 83.pdf
The Big Event (website) Big Event.pdf
Tim Pierson - CV Curriculum Vitae, Timothy Pierson.pdf
Transfer Admission Requirements (WhyLongwood website) Admissions Policies Transfers.pdf
Transfer Admissions (WhyLongwood website) Transfer Admissions.pdf
Transfer Guide (WhyLongwood website) WhyLongwood VA transfer student.pdf
Tuition and Fees (CSA website) Comprehensive Fee.pdf
Tuition and Fees (Undergrad Cat 2009-10, Exp Fin Pol) Expenses and Financial Policy Distance Education.pdf
Tuition Appeal Example Tuition Appeal Example.pdf
Tuition Appeal Form (CSA website) tuitionappealform.pdf
Tuition/Fee Appeals Process (CSA website) Tuition_Fee Appeals Process.pdf
Turf Management Plan Turf Management Plan.pdf
Tutorials for Online Students (Online@Longwood website) Online Tutorials.pdf
Undergraduate Admissions (Undergrad Cat 2009-10) Undergraduate Admissions.pdf
Undergraduate Petitions Committee (FPPM 2009-10) FPPM_2009_2010 160.pdf
VCCS Guaranteed Admission Agreement vccs_transferagreement.pdf
VDOE Biennial Approval of Education Programs, Assessment Passing Rates (2007-2009) Virginia_Biennial_Report.pdf
VDOE Education Program Endorsement Area Matrices (12/28/09) education program endorsement area matrices.pdf
VDOE Program Status Matrix, Speech-Language Disorders PreK-12 (2008) Speech-Language_Disorders_Matrix_2008.pdf
VDOE Regulations Governing the Review and Approval of Education Programs (2007) VDOE regulations.pdf
VDOE Standards for Biennial Approval of Education Programs (2007) VDOE_Regulations 11.pdf
Vision 2020: Campus Master Plan LU_2020_Master_Plan.pdf
Vision 2020: Campus Master Plan (video file) LU_2020_Master_Plan_Video.wmv
Visiting Professorships (FPPM 2009-10) FPPM_2009_2010 80.pdf
VSE (Factbook 2008-09) FACTbook_2008_120209 79.pdf
Wayne McWee - CV Curriculum Vitae, Wayne McWee.pdf
WEAVEonline Action Plan (example) WEAVE online action plan.pdf
Weight Training Facility, Iler Hall Renovation (Space Allocation and Assignment Request) Iler_Space_Request.pdf
Wellness Resource Center (website) Counseling Wellness Resource Center.pdf
Wendell Barbour - CV Curriculum Vitae, Wendell Barbour.pdf
Wheeler Hall (RCL website) RCL Wheeler Hall.pdf
WhyLongwood.com (undergraduate admissions website) WhyLongwood.pdf
Willett Hall (Lancers website) Athletics - Willett Hall.pdf
Wimba Live Classroom Overview (IITS website) ITS Blackboard.pdf
Written Communication Competency Assessment Plan (2009-10) Written Communication Competency Report 110909.pdf
Written Communication Competency Assessment Plan (2009-10, Status Report) Written Communication Competency Report 110909 10-12.pdf