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4.3 Publication of Policies

The institution makes available to students and the public current academic calendars, grading policies, and refund policies. (Federal Requirement 4.3)


In Compliance


Longwood University provides easy access to current academic calendars, grading, and refund policies to all students, faculty, staff, and the public through the website.

Students, faculty, and staff, as well as the public, may view academic calendars, for the current year as well as two years previous and two years in the future, on the Academic Affairs website and through several links on the Longwood University home page, including Calendars and Events and Parents and Families. The current academic calendar is also available in the undergraduate and graduate catalogs.

Grading policies are contained in the undergraduate and the graduate catalogs. They are also posted on the Office of Registration website. The Faculty Policies and Procedures Manual states the expectations for faculty in regard to placing the grading policy in each syllabus and also lays out for faculty the expectation for each letter grade that may be assigned.

Refund policies are contained in both the undergraduate and graduate catalogs. They are also online as part of the Cashiering and Student Accounts website.

Online students have access to academic calendars, grading, and refund policies through the catalog links visible on all pages of the Online@Longwood website. A limited number of print versions of the undergraduate and graduate catalogs are available for distribution, since the online catalogs are considered the catalogs of record.

Supporting Documents

Name of Document Location
Academic Calendar (Grad Cat 2009-10) GradCatalog0910 2-3.pdf
Academic Calendar (Undergrad Cat 2009-10) Undergrad Catalog Academic Calendar 2009-2010.pdf
Academic Calendars (Academic Affairs website) Academic Affairs Calendars.pdf
Academic Calendars (Calendars and Events website) Calendars and Events.pdf
Calendars and Schedules (Parents and Families website) Parents and Families.pdf
Grades (Grad Cat 2009-10) GradCatalog0910 38.pdf
Grading (Undergrad Cat 2009-10, Acad Reg) Academic Regulations Grading.pdf
Grading Policies (Registration website) Registration Grading Policies.pdf
Longwood University home page Longwood University Home Page.pdf
Online@Longwood (website) Online Longwood.pdf
Refunds (CSA website) Student Accounts Refunds.pdf
Refunds and Charge Adjustments (Grad Cat 2009-10) GradCatalog0910 25-28.pdf
Refunds and Charge Adjustments (Undergrad Cat 2009-10, Exp Fin Pol) Expenses and Financial Policy 10-13.pdf
Syllabus (FPPM 2009-10) FPPM_2009_2010 12