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James William Jordan

"Welcome to Anthropology and Archaeology at Longwood! We are happy that you are here and look forward to taking you with us to worlds where we professors have done our fieldwork over the years.

You will be coming with us in classroom lectures, in laboratory sessions, and in tales and memories of villages in New Guinea, to the Maya of Mesoamerica, to the English countryside, to Stonehenge, to tropical isles and archaeological sites in the Caribbean Sea, to meet sheepherders in Syria and Jordan, to the canopy forests of Nigeria and Ghana, and to the chimpanzees of Gombe in East Africa, and even more places. Perhaps you will find your own exotic fieldwork setting in your undergraduate career here and we will all discover that new world together."

James William Jordan, Ph.D., Board of Visitors Distinguished Professor of Anthropology



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Anthropology focuses on the cultural, social, and biological diversity of human groups in the present, historic, and prehistoric past.

This great diversity is examined through the study of patterns of culture, social behavior, language structure, archaeological artifacts, and evolution. The objective of the anthropology major is to prepare students for careers in business and industry, government, and human service. Additionally, the major is appropriate preparation for graduate study in anthropology or other social sciences.


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Anthropology Minor

The objective of the minor in anthropology is to acquaint the student with the discipline and to survey the techniques of research used in physical anthropology, linguistics, archaeology, and social cultural anthropology and enhance career possibilities.


Student Opportunities  

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Career Opportunities

  • Field Assistant
  • Classification Worker
  • Assistant to Museum Curator
  • Exhibit Arranger
  • Coroner's Assistant
  • Park Ranger
  • Immigration Inspector
  • Federal Program Specialist