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Primitive Technology Club

The Primitive Technologies Club fosters awareness of technologies used in prehistory, and provides hands on experience in the performance and use of such technologies.

Some of our crafts include cordage, basket weaving, fire making, hunting and trapping, flint-knapping, and ceramics. In addition to our bi-monthly meetings, each semester we conduct a seminar weekend where in which we camp out and practice some of the above trades. We also offer opportunities to have individual projects such as dying cordage, making atlatls and testing them, yucca sandals, bone needle making, and open fire primitive cooking.

Prim Tech is open to all Longwood University students and anyone else that is interested regardless of major or skill level so if you enjoy being outdoors and learning new crafts, come on out to Prim Tech!

If you're interested please contact our President, Russell Reed at russell.reed@live.longwood.edu for more information.



Flint knapping is a way in which primitive peoples made tools such as knives and axes, as well as weapons such as arrowheads and spear tips. Through the flaking of stones which fracture conchoidaly, such as flint or obsidian, sharp edges are formed. These edges can be employed in a number of different ways. Members of Prim Tech are given the opportunity to try flint knapping techniques and are able to gain a greater understanding of the skill that is required to successfully create usable tools and weapons using this method.


By using a bow drill, or other fire starting techniques, students are able to create fire by using the heat and spark caused by the friction between the drill and the base. Through experimentation with the drill students are able to gain a better understanding of the mechanics of making fire. Information about the flammability of certain plants and organic materials are also discussed to enhance successful outcomes. Fire making is an important survival skill to have in case you find yourself without a match.

Hunting and Trapping

Methods of hunting, trapping and tracking have changed gradually throughout time. Members of the Prim Tech club learn prehistoric methods of tracking, trapping and hunting. They learn about various methods of traps such as dead-falls, and snares, as well as different weapons that were used such as spears, bow and arrows, and atlatls. Tracking methods, and information about animal scat and footprints are also discussed


"It's the best weekend getaway in Farmville! Nothing better than great people, free food, camping and learning new things all at the same time."

~Kristin English

"Prim-tech is definitely a lot of fun, especially because you get to hang with friends and camp out while learning techniques both early man and American Indians used. It is always the highlight of my semesters!"

~Ashley Greene

"If you've never thrown a rabbit stick at a fake deer, Prim-tech is the place to do it!"

~Mike Webb