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Non-Degree Students


Students who wish to take courses for personal, educational or professional development and are not seeking a Longwood degree are welcome to take courses for which they are qualified.


  • As a non-degree student, you must meet any course prerequisites and admission standards.  We will require unofficial transcripts of highest education level achieved.
  • Non-degree student registration begins four weeks after opening of registration for degree seeking students.


Graduate students

  • No more than nine Longwood non-degree graduate hours may be counted towards a degree, certificate or professional endorsement program. Students are expected to apply to a Longwood graduate program prior to enrolling in classes. At the latest, all application materials should be received before the completion of six hours.
  • A teacher who is primarily interested in licensure renewal but not credit toward a degree or endorsement program may enroll as a non-degree student.
  • A student who is interested in personal enrichment may enroll as a non-degree student.
  • Graduate courses may be audited, with permission of the instructor and registration takes place in the Office of the Registrar.

 For further information on graduate level courses and degree programs, and requirements please go to the Graduate Studies website. 


Non-degree students are advised that credits earned as a non-degree student are not necessarily applicable toward a Longwood degree program. After admission, such credits, as well as credits earned at other colleges or universities, will be evaluated as to applicability to the specific degree program in which the student wishes to enroll. Students are encouraged to apply for admission before they complete 24 credit hours. Permission is required from the Registrar in order to take more than 24 hours as a special student.

Students who have been denied regular admission to an undergraduate program at Longwood may not register as non-degree students without permission from the Dean of Admissions and the Dean of the College of the student’s intended major. Students who are still enrolled in high school may register as non-degree students if they are endorsed by their guidance counselor or principal and receive approval from the appropriate college dean. Non-degree seeking students must maintain at least a "C" average in order to continue. A student in this category who wishes to carry a full-time load (12 credits or more) must have permission from the Dean of the College; such permission is generally limited to those students who are working toward a special certification or license and who have demonstrated their ability to do college-level work.


Non-degree students are a welcome asset to Longwood!  All our students are required to abide Longwood’s Academic Regulations and Honor Code.   



What is my first step?

Please use our Course schedule Search to access our online catalog for course availability, descriptions and important dates.  You must meet any course prerequisites and restrictions.  Please provide an unofficial transcript of highest education level achieved. This is only required for the first term you are registered as a non-degree student.

How do I register?

As a non-degree seeking student, you will be registered for classes through the Registrar’s Office.  Depending on the course you wish to register for, you will need to complete either an Undergraduate Non-Degree Enrollment Request or a Graduate Course Enrollment Request. Non-degree seeking students need to complete an Application for Virginia In-State Tuition Rates on a yearly basis to be considered for in-state rates.  Your forms may be mailed or faxed to 434-395-2252.  You may be asked to provide our office with a transcript if your class has a prerequisite.

What happens next?

  • Our office will review and process the registration request at the appropriate time.  A confirmation of registration will be sent to the email you provide on your registration form. 
  • User Support Services will follow up by sending your LancerNet ID and password to your personal email.  This ID and password will access your myLongwood website. myLongwood is the student portal for academic and billing information.  Any assistance with your myLongwood portal can be provided by User Support Services
  • Tuition and fee payments are due in full and will follow the same billing policy and schedule as degree seeking students.  Please direct all billing questions to our Student Accounts Office.

What is the Drop/Withdrawal policy?

All non-degree students are required to meet the course drop and withdrawal deadlines.  A drop will reverse any tuition and fee charges.  A withdrawal will grade the course as a "W" and will not generate a tuition and fee refund.  

I’ve completed a class at Longwood.  How do I request my Longwood University transcript?

Please refer to our Records and Transcripts link at:  http://www.longwood.edu/registrar/64624.htm