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Power Lifting

Spring 2015:

Ladies, Stop by during our Women Only times!

You can ask questions or simply workout in the PowerLifting Room!

Tuesday and Thursday




Interested in Learning about PowerLifting?

Campus Rec has established a Power Lifting Room to better serve our patrons. Located near the Basketball Courts, the PL room offers the equipment needed in order to gain strength as well as lose fat. PATRON'S CAN STOP BY THE CAMPUS REC MAIN OFFICE TO REGISTER FOR A FREE POWERLIFTING ORIENTATION, FILL OUT ATTACHED FORM IN SIDEBAR

The Powerlifting room now offers boxing wraps and boxing gloves! Boxing wraps must be worn in order to use the speed bag. If you would like to bring your own wraps/gloves, you may do so as pleased. If you have any questions about this new policy feel free to contact Berkley Henshaw, Fitness Coordinator, at henshawba@longwood.edu.


Visit the Power Lifting Room between the hours of
9a-9pm Mon-Thurs
9a-8pm Friday

Women Only
Tuesday and Thursday