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The Longwood University Golf Course has served the institution and the community for over 75 years.

Built and open for play in 1935, the course was constructed as part of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), a program that revitalized the American economy after the depression. By creating jobs through work-relief programs such as this golf course, America gradually recovered from one of the most economically devastating periods of the twentieth century. Countless families were able to put bread on the table because of WPA projects. Thus the golf course at Longwood is historically significant as well as important to the present populations who utilize it for educational and recreational purposes.

From the very beginning, the course was available to, and extensively used by, students and employees of the institution - State Teachers' College at the time - free of charge. The general public has always paid a nominal fee to play. The golf course has hosted numerous tournaments and outings throughout its history and, according to the March 21 1941 Farmville Herald, the first golf "league" was formed that year at the course.