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Outdoor Recreation

Ropes Course

Students on Climbing Ladder

The Longwood University 's Ropes Course provides an educational and rewarding experience for individuals and small groups to develop leadership, group cohesiveness, problem solving and communication skills. Since 1987, the Longwood Ropes Course has socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually challenged hundreds of people from campus organizations and academic classes to outside groups such as the boy scouts, church groups, school groups, athletic teams, and independent professional organizations.

The Ropes Course is located near the Longwood golf course, about 1 mile from campus. There are 12 low elements, 3 high elements and multiple initiative activities to choose from.


Low Element

The low elements promote team building, leadership, and followership. They require group commitment, communication and participation to complete.

High Element

High Elements provide an opportunity for personal accomplishment and building self esteem. The combination of low and high ropes courses enable participants to grow at both the team and individual levels, exploring trust, risk, and self-discovery.


Groups are lead by qualified and well- trained student and staff facilitators. A minimum of 8 participants is required for a group. Each group will determine their goals for the experience and the facilitators will ensure that the groups goals are addressed throughout their time frame.

Longwood's ropes course follows the "Challenge by Choice" philosophy whereby each individual chooses the level at which he or she wishes to be challenged.




  • Campus Groups
    $5.00/person for low elements (2-3 hours). $10.00/person for low and high elements (4-6 hours).
  • Outside Groups
    $10.00/person for low elements (2-3 hours). $20.00/person for low and high elements (4-6 hours.).

Ropes Course Required Information Sheet (pdf)


Upcoming Outdoor Events!


Spring 2015 Trip Schedule**

Crux Climbing Comp.

-February 15th

Mountain Biking Clinic

-March 13th

Rock Climbing

-March 21st

Mountain Biking Clinic

-March 27

Rock Climbing Overnight

-March 28-29

Canoe Overnight

-April 18-19

** Click on link above for details**


Outdoor Equipment Rental

Want to rent outdoor camping equipment for your own adventure?  We have all the backpacking, camping, and cooking equipment you need to hit the wilderness.   Download the form below for prices.


For outdoor equipment rental and return: Please see the building supervisor during our normal business hours


Questions or Concerns?

For more information, including how to plan your own adventure, please contact:

Gus Hemmer - Associate Director
434-395-2186 (phone)
434-395-2783 (fax)