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Longwood Village FAQ's

Longwood Village FAQ's

The purpose of the Longwood Village FAQ is to answer common questions that students may have regarding the double bedroom.  Those students with questions that are not listed in the FAQ, should contact the RCL office by calling 434-395-2080 or email housing@longwood.edu

Will current Longwood Village residents be eligible to squat their apartment during the registration process?

Yes, current Longwood Village residents can squat their apartment and return to the same apartment unit for the 2016-2017 academic year.  Only Longwood Village residents are eligible to squat the apartment without full occupancy due to the double bedroom, but are encouraged to fill the apartment to full occupancy.  Any open spaces within Longwood Village squatted apartment units will be assigned to other students by the RCL office.  Full occupancy is required to register for an apartment at Lancer Park, Lancer Park North & South, and the Landings during the squatting process.

When squatting concludes, do students need to fill Longwood Village apartments to full occupancy in order to register?

Yes, on the Rising Senior, Rising Junior, and Rising Sophomore registration dates full occupancy is required to register for a Longwood Village apartment.  This means that the designated housemate must have 4 students in the group to complete the registration process to live at Longwood Village.  Full occupancy is also required to register for an apartment at Lancer Park, Lancer Park North & South and the Landings during the squatting & Rising Senior, Rising Junior, and Rising Sophomore registration dates.

Which bedroom in the Longwood Village apartment will be double occupancy?

The "C" bedroom will be designated as double occupancy.  The student housing gateway will label the "C" bedroom as double occupancy to make it clear to students that this is the double occupancy room.

Will Longwood Village residents that participate in squatting and return to the same bedroom for the 2016-2017 academic year be able to participate in summer storage?

Yes, those students that participate in squatting and return to the same bedroom are eligible to register fro summer storage.  Additional information regarding summer storage will be communicated to students following the apartment registration process.

Has the housing rate been determined for the Longwood Village double rooms?

The double room at Longwood Village will be at a reduced rate and the housing rate will be less than the Longwood Village single bedrooms.  The 2016-2017 Housing and Meal Plan reates will be approved by the Board of Visitors a the December board meeting.  The RCL office will publish these rates in early January.

What furnishings will be provided in the Longwood Village double rooms?

Each student will receive the following furnishings in the double room:

Extra Long Twin sized bed with mattress, Desk and Chair, and Dresser.  Each bedroom will have a shared closet.

*Please note:  As with all of the apartment communities, lofts are not permitted in the double room.*

Will each student be provided with internet access?

Yes, each student will be able to connect to the internet within the apartment unit.

Where is cable provided within the apartment unit?

Each bedroom will have one cable outlet and there is a cable outlet in the living room.

What amenities are provided at Longwood Village?

Each apartment is equipped with a full-kitchen and includes a dishwasher.  In addition, there is a washer and dryer unit in each apartment unit.  The living room is furnished with couches, end tables, coffee table, and TV stand.  Additional amenities are located in the Longwood Village Clubhouse.  Please visit the Longwood Village community page to learn more.  Longwood Village Webpage

Are students assigned to live at Longwood Village able to park at Longwood Village?

Yes, students assigned to Longwood Village are eligible to register for a parking pass to park at Longwood Village.  This parking pass allows the student to drive to campus and park in the designated commuter spaces.

Is there transportation from Longwood Village to campus for students that do not wish to drive or do not have a vehicle?

Yes, the Farmville Area Bus (FAB) has a direct line from Longwood Village to main campus and from main campus to Longwood Village.  There is no cost for students to ride the FAB. Click on the link below to view the bus schedule.

Farmville Area Bus Schedule