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Transitional Housing


Due to the student interest in residential living, there are times when Longwood admits more students than RCL is able to house and it becomes essential that we maximize our occupancy potential to meet this demand. Assigning entering and returning students in a comfortable environment remains a top priority. Through the years, we have investigated the use of our residence hall space. As a result, we have equipped several rooms on campus (primarily Curry and Frazer Halls) so that an additional student can have access to all of the amenities, including an individual computer connection port. In short, three people are assigned fully equipped rooms that are typically designed for two people. Students assigned to transitional housing will be notified when they receive  their housing assignment over the summer.

As space becomes available, RCL will offer students in transitional housing the opportunity to move. Typically, we are able to offer those the opportunity who want to move to a permanent space within the first six weeks of the fall semester. However, it is possible that students may remain in these spaces for a longer period of time. If students are not offered the opportunity to move to a permanent assignment prior to the date that will be included in their housing assignment letter, they will receive a credit to be reflected on their fall semester student account. More details will be provided in the aforementioned assignment letter.


Moving out of transitional spaces

If all three residents agree, students may remain in transitional housing. Please know that students who turn down the opportunity to move will not be eligible for the credit. Moreover, RCL will not be able to make another offer until all other students in transitional housing have been offered the opportunity to move.

RCL attempts to move transitional students into permanent spaces as close to their transitional space as possible. Therefore, we typically use the following process in offering students permanent room assignments.

(1) If a vacancy occurs on residence hall floor, that space is first offered to someone in transitional housing on that floor.

(2) If a vacancy continues to exist, we offer that vacancy to someone else in that building.

(3) If that vacancy continues to exist, we offer that vacancy to someone from another building.

For example, if a vacancy becomes available in Curry 620, we first offer it to people who live on Curry Sixth Floor. Then, we offer it to others in Curry. Then, the room will be offered to someone from another building.

Please note that no resident in the room is designated as the "third resident." When a potential space arises, RCL notifies the residents of an affected room that there is an opportunity for one of them to move into a permanent space. Typically, the students decide amongst themselves who will move.  If necessary, the Residence Education Coordinator (REC ) or Associate Director (AD) will work with them to determine who will move.