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Commuter Students

As a commuter student, you have many responsibilities and we commend you for accepting these responsibilities and support you in your efforts. Longwood offers a variety of services for commuter students to take advantage of, several of which you may not be familiar with.

The Office of Commuter Life (Lankford 214) offers the most important services for commuters such as access to Professional Staff members to assist with Commuter student needs and a variety of amenities to make your time on campus more comfortable.

Over 1,500 of Longwood's 4,500 students live off-campus, many of them in the neighborhoods surrounding the University.

In addition to student housing, these communities comprise a diverse population that includes senior citizens, families with children, and single professionals. Longwood University students constitute an extraordinary segment of the population in the adjacent area; consequently, the impact of your conduct in the community is a major concern to university personnel.

In the eyes of community members, students represent the University even while they are off-campus so we remind you to be considerate of your neighbors, especially keeping in mind that your schedule often differs considerably with other residents' schedules. Furthermore, please remain responsive to local issues such as noise, parking, zoning laws, trash removal, property upkeep, and alcohol usage.


There are 4 professional staff members that work directly with commuter students:

  • Jen Cox
    Works with Off Campus Judicial Concerns & General Questions
  • Erick Randolph
    Assists with commuter student questions and concerns.  Coordinates the Commuter Welcome Wagon, the Commuter Focus Groups and Off-Campus Release Orientation.
  • Rob Gutierrez Assists with commuter student questions and concerns.  Coordinates Commuter Lounge Upkeep, and the Housing and Rental Fair.
  • Pachia Xiong Assists with commuter student questions and concerns.  Coordinates the Wednesday Wire, and the Landlord Breakfast.
  • For contact information visit the Staff page.



The Wire

The Wire is a newsletter that goes out every week to our Commuter Students.