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Check-out Method

Express Check-out

Express Checkout is the ability to checkout of your room without scheduling a traditional checkout appointment (meeting with an RA). An Express Check-Out Agreement entails, cleaning your room, placing the keys in an Express Check-Out envelope and placing the envelope in your residence hall's designated "drop" location before departing campus. The RA will then inspect your room when you are not present. You will be responsible for any damages that are documented and you will NOT be able to appeal them.

  1. Sign-up with your RA to indicate that you will Express Check Out.
  2. Request an Express Checkout envelope from your RA or the Service Desk.
  3. Clean your room as expected. (See expectations listed below)
  4. Sign Express Check-Out Agreement and deposit your keys in your residence hall's designated drop location.
  5. Depart campus.
  6. Staff will inspect your room, after you leave.

Note: Damages assessed to individuals who use Express Checkouts CAN NOT be appealed.

Express Check-Out Contract text as printed on express Checkout out envelope:

I choose to Express Check-Out. I understand my room will be checked at a later time. I agree to pay for damages, missing furniture, cleaning, and/or trash removal assessed to me.
By choosing to Express Check-Out, I understand I forfeit my right to appeal any damages assessed against my room.


Traditional Check-out

The traditional method requires the RA to examine the room with you and to document any changes to your Room Condition Report since the time of move in. If any damage or cleaning issues exist, the RA will inform you of any anticipated charges. An on-site appeal to address anticipated charges is possible. A professional staff member will be contacted to review your appeal.

  1. Schedule a checkout appointment with your RA.
  2. Clean your room as expected.
  3. Inspect your room with the RA (encourage your roommate to join)
  4. If there are charges, you may request an immediate appeal.
  5. Sign RCR & return keys to the RA

Note: Failure to appeal damages at the time of your checkout appointment forfeits your right to appeal later.