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Where To Unload

Note: The following information is merely a suggestion for unloading your vehicle during August Move-in.

  • ARC
    Students can unload next to ARC, located off Griffin Blvd or Redford St.  Overflow parking is available on Vine St.
  • Cox
    Residents may park in the parking lots located behind Wheeler/Cox Hall, located off Griffin Blvd. 
  • Curry/Frazer
    Residents may access these residence halls from S. Main, take Wynne Drive. Or from Griffin Blvd, take Franklin St. or Vine St.  Campus Police will route traffic to unload in front of these residence halls on Spruce Street.
  • Lancer Park
    Lancer Park has only one entrance that is located off Third Street.  Use the entrance bridge, entering this apartment community on Cormier Drive.  Check-ins will be held in the Lancer Park Commons.
  • Longwood Landings
    Enter the Longwood Landings community (at Midtown Square) only from Putney Street, turning from South Main Street at the McDonald’s.  Campus Police will direct traffic one-way to the designated unloading areas.  Please use your flashers when unloading your vehicle.  After unloading, promptly move your vehicle to the Vernon Street or Virginia Street parking lots.  Check-ins will be held in the Landing’s Southeast Building. 
  • Longwood Village
    From South Main Street (U.S 15), turn at the SHEETZ Convenience Store onto Clark Street.  At the bottom of Clarks Street, turn left to enter the Longwood Village apartment community.  Check-ins will be held in the Clubhouse.
  • South Ruffner: Residents should enter Madison Street from South Main Street.  Students will be routed through the parking lot between Graham and the Hiner/Coyner Complex
  • Stubbs
    Residents may only access this residence hall from Redford Street or Madison Street, from Griffin Blvd. 
  • Wheeler
    Residents may park in the parking lots located behind Wheeler/Cox Hall, located off Griffin Blvd.
    SPECIAL NOTE FOR COX AND WHEELER RESIDENTS The use of curbing on Griffin Boulevard (North Bound Lane) from Madison Street West to the service entrance to Wheeler Hall for unloading has been approved.  This special arrangement will help students unload their vehicles and to reduce the risk of crossing Griffin Boulevard.

You can find more detailed information about parking at Longwood on the Parking Services website.