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Check-out & Closing

Check Out Methods

It is the resident(s) responsibility to complete the checklist and follow the directions for your check-out method.

move in day

READ the closing expectations.

Failure to follow the move-out directions results in a $75.00 improper checkout charge.  Ask your RA or REC/AC any closing questions.

- Main Campus Closing Expectations
- Apartment Closing Expectations

REMOVE all personal belongings. 

Don't leave your property unattended. 

CLEAN your living area.

Properly dispose of trash.  Consider donating suitable items.

SCHEDULE a traditional checkout appointment with your RA.

Main campus and Apartment residents may opt for an "Express Checkout."   

DEPART campus after your last exam.

If your exams end between Monday (4/27) and Thursday (4/30), you are required to check out twenty-four hours after your last exam. However, if your last exam is on Friday (5/1) you are required to check out before noon on Saturday (5/2).

Improper checkout fees ($75.00) will begin at 12:01 p.m. on Saturday (5/2)


After closing, your REC will make the final assessment  of any damage, cleaning or repair charges.