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  • Who do I talk to about specific subject area information?

             You are assigned an advisor and a program coordinator. Both will have access to all of the information that you need. It is very important that you meet with each person at least once a semester. Advisors and program coordinators can change.  Check with OPS if you are not sure who to contact for help.

  • Where do I find general information for undergraduate teacher candidates?


  • Where do I find general information for graduate teacher candidates?


  • There are a lot of dates and OPS deadlines.  How do I know when things are due?

            The OPS calendar always lists important dates for events and deadlines. 

            There is also a timeline on the website that lists all deadlines in general terms.

             The OPS staff also emails teacher candidates with reminders, makes announcements via Canvas and posts information on the OPS Facebook group page too.  When in doubt, ask!

  • I still have questions.  Who can I contact?

             Alissa Baldwin, Assistant Director, 434-395-2195, baldwinaa@longwood.edu

            Judy Kovach, Administrative Assistant, 434-395-2331, kovachja@longwood.edu

            Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.  OPS is located in Hull 141.

            Your assigned academic advisor.

            Your program coordinator.