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Music Practicum

MUSC 345, MUSC 346


1. I understand that the Office of Professional Services (OPS) staff will process my online application for a Music Practicum (pdf) placement.  Only applications submitted by 5:00 p.m. on October 1 will be processed .  No exceptions will be made by the OPS.  

2. I understand it is my responsibility to follow up with the OPS to confirm receipt of my application and that all requirements have been met.  Copies of the following required documents must be submitted to the OPS Teacher Prep Canvas Course by October 1:
a. Criminal Background Check results
b. Tuberculosis Skin Test or Chest X-Ray results
c. Automobile Insurance form

3. I understand that the OPS will not make copies of any required documents and I should keep the originals for my personal records and future use.  I also understand that I must submit updated documents if anything changes since these documents fulfill the requirements for all field and clinical placements while at Longwood.

4. I understand that school divisions may have additional applications, forms, and requirements that I must complete in addition to those required by the OPS.  Additional fees may also be incurred.  I understand that failure to meet any additional requirements the school division may have will jeopardize my placement and may result in cancellation.

5. I understand that placement requests will be sent to school divisions for only students who meet all requirements.  I acknowledge that the OPS staff will send an email notification of my placement confirmation as soon as the information is available.
6. I understand that I must have all holds removed from my academic record before I can be registered for Music Practicum.  I acknowledge that I cannot register myself for this placement.

7. I understand that I must attend a mandatory meeting prior to the Practicum placement with the Music Practicum Supervisor.  The date and time of this meeting will be announced.

8. I agree to participate in the first assignment on Blackboard prior to the mandatory meeting with the Music Practicum Supervisor.

9. I understand there are tuition and course fees involved in completing Music Practicum.  I will refer to the Summer School tuition and fee rates available on "My Longwood" at http://www.longwood.edu/studentaccounts/tuitionfees.htm.

10. I understand that I will receive a bill from the cashiering office after my registration is processed.  I will direct any questions regarding fees associated with Practicum to the Cashiering Office not the OPS.  I understand that failure to pay the Practicum tuition fee before the appropriate Longwood deadline will result in cancellation of my placement.

11. I understand that it is against Longwood policy for me, or others on my behalf, to contact school division personnel to request a specific school, grade level or subject area placement.

12. I understand that I must notify the OPS if I am assigned to a school where I attended and/or have a family member attending or employed.  Failure to notify the OPS may result in the cancellation of my placement and may result in a grade of "incomplete."

13. I understand that if I decide not to complete this Music Practicum placement, I must notify the OPS in writing to request official cancellation.  I may be assessed a cancellation fee through the OPS in addition to any fees required by the University.  Notifying any other Longwood University office, faculty or staff member instead of the OPS will not constitute official cancellation of this Practicum placement.  I further understand that this cancellation should be made as far in advance as possible to reduce any inconvenience to the school division and cooperating teacher and to maintain the standards of professionalism.  Cancellation must be made one week before the placement is scheduled to begin or the applicable course fee will not be refunded.

14. I understand that I am responsible for reading and printing the Field Experience Placements Handbook prior to meeting with my University Supervisor or contacting my cooperating teacher.  I am aware that this manual is available for download on the OPS website.  I understand that I am required to contact my cooperating teacher before my placement begins, but after meeting my University Supervisor.

15. I understand that if I do not comply with Longwood standards or those of the school in which I am assigned, my placement may be terminated and a grade of "F" may be earned.

16. I understand that my placement may be cancelled at any time by my program area.