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Field Experience (Practicum One Week)

Thank you for serving as a cooperating teacher for one of Longwood University's teacher candidates.  Depending on the program area and catalog year, your candidate may be completing a one week Practicum (EDUC 270). 

The Field Experience Placements Handbook (pdf) provides an overview of the varying roles of the cooperating teacher, university supervisor, and teacher candidate.  It also describes the general and specific journal entry requirements the teacher candidate must complete, based on opportunities provided by the cooperating teacher.  If you do not already have Adobe Reader, visit http://get.adobe.com/reader to download the latest version so that you can access the handbook on the following website:


1. Cooperating Teachers will complete the Google Drive Practicum One Week Field Experience Training.

  1. The training provides policies, requirements and suggestions for activities.
  2. Once you complete your review of the presentation hyperlinked in item 1.b. and submit answers to the "check for understanding" that is included, a verification letter will be emailed to you at the address provided.
  3. Print/save the email and the verification letter for use in documenting points for licensure recertification with Virginia Department of Education.
  4. Email Alissa Baldwin if you encounter any difficulties.

One of your responsibilities as a cooperating teacher is to complete one online document identified below.  This online form helps the OPS and the various program areas evaluate the field experience placement and make the improvements necessary to better prepare teacher candidates to meet the placement of our partnering PK-12 school divisions. 

Instructions for accessing Assessments in myLongwood (pdf)

2. Cooperating Teacher Feedback Form (pdf)

  1. This assessment should be completed at the end of the placement.
  2. Please complete all blanks/fields before submitting.

Again, thank you for your service.  Please contact the university supervisor or the OPS with any questions or concerns you may have.