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Mission & Vision

The Mission

Longwood University is an institution of higher learning dedicated to the development of citizen leaders who are prepared to make positive contributions to the common good of society. Building upon its strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences, the University provides an environment in which exceptional teaching fosters student learning, scholarship, and achievement. As the only four-year public institution in south central Virginia, Longwood University serves as a catalyst for regional prosperity and advancement.

Approved by the Longwood Board of Visitors, July 1997.

The Vision

Longwood University will transform capable men and women into citizen leaders, fully engaged in the world around them. The University will be a first choice institution renowned for developing the power of citizen leadership in its students for the benefit of the greater community.

What is a Citizen Leader?

Citizen leaders are the bedrock of the democracy. They are the reasons communities thrive. They are the people who make the United States of America what it wants to be. They make our nation work. They care and they equip themselves with the tools to bring their caring to life in the world. A citizen leader effectively combines three components of a joy-filled life.

Citizen Leader Diagram

Education: The citizen leader is a lifelong learner and stays connected to what is new in the world. Faculty are encouraged and rewarded for contributing to scholarship as well as for their service as teachers.

Values: Citizen leaders know their values and live by them. Honesty, equality, civility, duty and an appreciation of the differences among peoples are fundamental values. To these, the citizen leader adds the personal values that define him or her.

Service: The capstone of every great civilization has always been a commitment to serve others. It is a common precept of the world’s great religions; it is one of the finest expressions of our humanity. To the citizen leader, service is not just an extracurricular activity.

Approved by the Longwood Board of Visitors, December 8, 2007.