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2016 Vice Presidential Debate Update

It has been wonderful to savor and celebrate the debate announcement these last few weeks. Now we are moving into a phase of more detailed planning for next October, and I thought this a good juncture to touch base with the campus.

We will soon receive our first detailed guidance from The Commission on Presidential Debates regarding the October 4th event itself. With this guidance in hand, we can begin considering and deciding upon options for the major activities and events that will surround the debate. That, in turn will allow all of you – as divisions, departments, and individual faculty and staff – to have those major events in mind as you consider how best to plan for, and make use of, the debate in your own areas. The idea is to assemble a scaffolding of major activities, but allow much of the energy and activity to emerge organically, through the structures of the university already in place (for instance the SGA, extracurricular groups, the general education committee and academic departments).

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2016 Vice Presidential Debate Update

At the end of a remarkable week, I wanted to share again briefly how proud I am of Longwood and how excited I am for what lies ahead over the coming year.

The news of our selection to host the 2016 VP debate rocketed through the Lancer universe and far beyond. Nationally, it produced unprecedented numbers of state and national media hits (including a national AP story about all four debate hosts, read certainly by millions in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and elsewhere, in which Joan Neff had the lead quote). Today’s edition of the Farmville Herald is also one for the history books.  The announcement on Wednesday made for a record-shattering day for our web sites too (our home page and the new debate.longwood.edu) as well as for our social media. The debate website received 8,300 Facebook shares, and via shares on Facebook alone our announcement reached more than a quarter-million people directly. 

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2016 Vice Presidential Debate Announcement

In October 2016, tens of millions of people around the country and countless more around the world will turn their eyes to Longwood . . . . . . We have been chosen to host the 2016 U.S. Vice-Presidential Debate!!  Host institutions for the Vice-Presidential Debate in prior elections include Washington University in St. Louis, Centre College, Case Western, and Georgia Tech.

The Commission on Presidential Debates will be making a national public announcement shortly.  When it does, the message from me immediately below will be posted on our website.  Gov. McAuliffe, the entire Virginia Congressional Delegation, and our local leaders have been enormously supportive in this effort.

This is a great day for Longwood --- and what a tremendous testimony it is to the Longwood spirit.

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Changes to Academic Calendar for 2016-17

With 2014-15 almost at its close, I’ve been peering one hop ahead to the 2016-17 academic calendar, with students and families chiefly in mind.

Usually, as was true last month, Hampden-Sydney’s graduation and our graduation are on the same weekend. That makes it very difficult for families looking for hotel accommodations and arranging graduation meals. Next year --- 2015-16 --- is a year when our graduation and Hampden-Sydney’s, by the habitual way of doing things, fall on different weekends (May 1 is a Sunday in 2016, which is what prompts the various calendar gears to move a little differently).

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President Reveley’s email to campus concerning Anjelica “AJ” Hadsell

There is gravely difficult news to share. As you may have begun to hear through news reports, police have identified remains found in Southampton County as those of our missing student, Anjelica "AJ" Hadsell. 

Though the weight of this horrible prospect has loomed, today extinguishes our hope of AJ’s safe return and confirms our worst fear. Our thoughts are profoundly with her family. These past weeks, they have endured unimaginable anguish and uncertainty, and now they must confront the terrible grief of this loss.

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Message from President Reveley to campus community about campus climate

During my time as president, I’ve communicated regularly with the Longwood community about an issue that has been very much in the news and constantly on my mind – Title IX, campus sexual violence and our shared efforts to ensure we have a campus climate that is healthy, safe and fair. As I’ve said before, the issue is fundamentally a matter of civil rights – of ensuring that no student’s right to an education is derailed by gender-based discrimination, harassment and violence, and that all students are treated fairly.

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Message from President Reveley to campus community on report of student missing in Norfolk over Spring Break

Our tight-knit community is bearing grave thoughts on the return from spring break. As many of you know from campus updates and media, one of our fellow Lancers is missing. Freshman student Anjelica "AJ" Hadsell went home to Norfolk over break and then was reported missing there. We had hoped she might return to school with the resumption of classes --- but the start of classes now is passing by. We remain hopeful.

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Statement from Rector Margiloff and President Reveley on Recent News Events

The recent article in Rolling Stone magazine about the University of Virginia, along with subsequent reporting, and the national news from Ferguson and Staten Island concerning community policing have made the past few weeks a time of tumultuous debate throughout the Commonwealth and nation, and across higher education. These issues speak to the matter of civil rights, among them the rights of students to pursue their education free from sexual discrimination, harassment and violence, and the rights of all of us to be treated decently and fairly under the law.

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President Reveley's email to students about sexual misconduct and Title IX - November 2014

Hello everyone,

I wanted to touch base with the campus at the end of a week in which the important issue of sexual assault has been very much in the news and on the minds of many of us. I’m sure many of you have seen the article in Rolling Stone magazine about UVA, and the strong reaction it has generated. The article has elicited powerful emotions, underscoring the urgency of this issue and the importance of addressing it aggressively and comprehensively.

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College affordability is the heart of democracy

President Taylor Reveley IV wrote a column on the importance of college affordability that appeared in the Richmond Times-Dispatch on Tuesday, Aug. 19. Reveley wrote of the historic significance of higher education as the foundation of citizenship and democracy, and the necessity to check the escalation in college costs. Using Longwood's minimal increase of tuition and fees—2.1 percent—Reveley called for a recommitment to college affordability and a renewed emphasis on an educated citizenry.


President Reveley’s message to students about Title IX and sexual misconduct - August 2014

As we gear up for a new academic year, I wanted to be in touch with every student about an important subject that has been much in the news nationally of late, and very much on my mind as well.

Sexual harassment and sexual assault take place on every college campus, and unfortunately Longwood is no exception. Such behavior is fundamentally incompatible with our core community values. But the issue runs deeper even than that; it’s a matter of civil rights.

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President Reveley's email to students - "Thank You for a Great First Year"

Dear students,

As exam week begins, I wanted to thank you all for helping make my first year as president a great one, and to offer encouragement for a strong and safe finish to the semester. The last month has been a busy and exhilarating season of banquets and traditions and long-awaited sunshine. Now, fortified by Late Night Breakfast, let's all dig deep for a final push before the celebration of Commencement.

Let’s also finish strong when it comes to reflecting the core Longwood values of citizen leadership.

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President Reveley's email to students about 2014-15 tuition and mandatory fees

Dear students,
Across the country, there is one complaint we presidents hear more than any other: College is getting too expensive.
I couldn’t agree more. It isn’t fair you arrived at college during a perfect storm of factors that have driven tuition prices up and up. You are working more, borrowing more, and worrying more about the future than any previous generation of students.

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Longwood inaugurates W. Taylor Reveley IV as 26th president

The revolutionary power of residential liberal arts education and the critical role of citizen leaders in today’s society were among the topics that Longwood University’s 26th president, W. Taylor Reveley IV, touched on in his inaugural address Friday, Nov. 15, 2013. 


President Reveley featured on WHRV's "HearSay with Cathy Lewis"

President Reveley WHRV September 10, 2013 by longwoodu

President W. Taylor Reveley IV was a featured guest on WHRV's "HearSay with Cathy Lewis" on September 10, 2013. Among other topics, Lewis spoke with President Reveley about citizen leadership and the value of a liberal arts education. WHRV is the NPR station in Norfolk.

Audio provided by WHRV. To listen to the full program and other episodes, visit the WHRO media player or the HearSay with Cathy Lewis Blog.


Fall 2013 President's Welcome

President Reveley welcomes Longwood faculty and staff back for the new year. Highlights include current status, initiatives and a glimpse of the future. Recorded 8/16/13.


Farmville's WFLO (95.7 FM) interviews President Reveley

In June 2013, Longwood President W. Taylor Reveley IV was interviewed by Francis Wood on Farmville's WFLO (95.7 FM and 870 AM) as part of their Call Flo morning radio show.  Read more and listen to the interview