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Photography & Video

Our team provides the Longwood community with photography and video solutions with a focus on producing media that can be used to achieve external marketing and communications objectives.

  • Producing photography and video that helps achieve external marketing goals. This can include marketable events, campus stock photography, and promotional videos.
  • Providing guidance and assistance with photography and video production.
  • Maintaining the photography archive. The archive provides 60,000+ stock university images for Longwood employees and contracted partners. Image use is restricted to university objectives.
  • Faculty and staff portraits are scheduled three times a year.

To request services, please use our online request form and provide sufficient lead time for review and planning. Each request will be reviewed before approval and assignment.


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Contact Information

Andrea Dailey
Multimedia Specialist / Senior Photographer
daileyam@longwood.edu, 434.395.2720

Michael Kropf
University Photographer
kropfmb@longwood.edu, 434.395.4810

Video Coordinator