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Fire at Poplar Forest

Poplar Fire Recovery Efforts & Student Aid

10.02.09 3:51 p.m.

Larry Robertson, Executive Director of Residential and Commuter Life, has just returned from Poplar Forest.  He and Angela Jackson, Associate Director RCL,  have provided the following information:

The American Red Cross has been on the scene assisting all of the residents who were affected by the fire this morning at Poplar Forest. Food has been provided throughout the day and Longwood Dining Services will provide a temporary meal plan for all of our students.  RCL has distributed a bag of supplies to each student including pillows, towels, sheets, toiletries (detergent, deodorant, shampoo, combs, toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrushes, towels, wash cloths, and toilet paper), and snacks.

We know that many people in the Longwood community want to show their support for the students and staff members who lost their home and personal belongings in the fire.  Please know that students and staff members have been provided with money and items to get them through the weekend.  Residential and Commuter Life will be sponsoring an activity to assist in the collection of items for those impacted by the fire.

  • All gift cards should be brought to Residential and Commuter Life in Lancaster G-13.
  • Clothing and other small items can be brought to the Commuter Lounge in the Lankford Student Union beginning on Monday morning, October 5;  See clothing sizes to the right.
  • We ask that people who wish to contribute larger items, including furniture, please bring a list of the items with contact information to Residential and Commuter Life or the Commuter Lounge. We will provide interested people with the contact information.

Questions regarding recovery efforts and student aid, should be directed to:

N. Laurence Robertson
Associate Dean of Students and
Executive Director of Residential and Commuter Life

RCL Phone: 434.395.2080, Fax: 434.395.2347
ADOS Phone: 434.395.2485) Fax: 434.395.2347
Email:  robertsonnl@longwood.edu


Fire at Poplar Forest displaces eight students and one staff member

Originally sent 10.02.09 10:19 a.m.
Updated 10.05.09 1:53 p.m.

Update (10/5): It has been determined that an eighth student (who was out of town over the weekend) has also been displaced due to the fire.

Campus Community:

An early morning fire has destroyed several apartments at the Poplar Forest apartment complex in Farmville and initial reports confirm that seven Longwood students and one Longwood staff member have lost all of their personal belongings.  The Office of Residential and Commuter Life has located housing for these students and staff member, but their needs go well beyond that since they lost everything in the fire.

Plans are under way to assist these members of the Longwood family and we will keep you posted on how you can help.   Watch your e-mail for updates.

Luckily, no Longwood students or staff members living at Poplar Forest were injured in this off-campus fire.


Clothing can be brought to the Commuter Lounge in the Lankford Student Union beginning on Monday morning, October 5.
Women's Clothing/Shoe Sizes

Pants 10 or 12    
Shirt M/L
Shoes 7 ½ or 8
Pants 10 Short
Shirt M/L
Shoes 7
Pants 8
Shirt M
Shoes 7 or 7  ½

Pants 38 Pants
Shirt XL
Shoes 11
Pants 10
Shirt M/L
Shoes 9 ½ or 10
Pants 14
Shirt L
Shoes 7 1/2

Men's Clothing/Shoe Sizes

Pants 38 Pants
Shirt XL
Shoes 11
30x34 Pants
Shirt M
Shoes 11