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Student Affairs

Student Affairs

The following Student Affairs policies will be printed in the Student Handbook and will, therefore, not be accessible through the Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual.

[For information regarding these policies, contact Student Affairs.]

  • 3101 Campus Residency Requirement
  • 3200 Student Affairs: Organization and Goals
  • 3201 Access Policy for Students with Disabilities
  • 3202 Alcohol and Other Drug Policies Information (Part 1)
  • 3203 Campus Solicitation
  • 3204 Criminal Activity On and Off Campus
  • 3205 Disciplinary Records Retention
  • 3206 Facilities Reservations
  • 3207 Hazing
  • 3208 Honor Code (Appendix: Honor Code)
  • 3209 Parent/Legal Guardian Notification on Alcohol/Other Drug Policy
  • 3210 Sanctions for Distribution and Possession of Drugs
  • 3211 Service Animal Policy
  • 3212 Sexual Misconduct
  • 3213 Student Conduct
  • 3214 Student Conduct: Cooperative Agreement between the Town of Farmville and Longwood University
  • 3215 Student Non-Smoking Policy
  • 3216 Student Publications
  • 3217 Substance Abuse Prevention Program
  • 3404 Interim Suspension of Students
  • 5201 Non-Discrimination and Reasonable Accommodation On the Basis of Disability 
  • 5601 Environmental, Occupational Health, Safety and Emergency Management

Student Health and Wellness

[For information regarding these policies, contact the Student Health Center.]

Public Safety

[For information regarding these policies, contact the Police Department.]