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Policy 8101

Admissions Policy

I. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish a comprehensive admissions policy.

II. Policy

  1. Commitment to Diverse Student Body:
    1. Longwood University is a medium-sized, co-educational, comprehensive institution that has a long and distinguished tradition of excellence in education. The University emphasizes individual student development in four areas - intellectual, career, social, and personal - and strives in its academic programs to help students build the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to make life as rewarding as possible.
    2. Longwood University is committed to serving a diverse student population and welcomes applications from all students. Students are recruited, accepted, and enrolled based on their qualifications and potential. Qualifications for admission are reviewed and approved by the Board of Visitors. A student's qualifications are considered carefully as demonstrated by academic courses completed in high school, class rank, cumulative grade-point average, and scores on standard examinations. Co-curricular activities, community involvement, and recommendations also are considered. Entering transfer students must demonstrate success in their previous college experience and possess adequate high school preparation. Longwood University is especially interested in students who have special talent in art, music, and athletics as well as leadership and community service.
    3. While the University's primary responsibility is to serve Virginia residents, in order to enhance student diversity, Longwood also recruits out-of-state students in a ratio specified by the Board of Visitors. Similarly, Longwood makes special efforts to enroll and meet the educational needs of minority students, international students, and adult students. Moreover, qualified sons and daughters of alumni receive special consideration in the admissions process.
    4. In publicizing its admissions policies and Longwood programs, the University makes a conscientious effort to portray the institution accurately and honestly.

Approved the Board of Visitors December 1988.
Revised and approved by the Board of Visitors, September 7, 2002.