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Policies & Procedures

Parking & Vehicles

  • Car Troubles
    Please contact Facilities Management at 434-395-2373 for all jump-starts from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. You should know your location and vehicle description. It would be very helpful if you raised the hood of your vehicle so you will be easier to find. After normal business hours you may contact 434-395-2091 and the police will respond.
  • Temporary Parking
    The Campus Police office does not issue temporary parking passes to vendors/contractors, students, faculty or staff. Please go to Parking Services in the Graham building.
  • Parking Violations
    The Campus Police office cannot collect or receive any type of payments. Monies for parking violations must be submitted to the Cashiering Office in Lancaster building.

Reporting A Crime

The following information should be provided or will be requested from the caller when he/she is reporting a crime:

  • Your full name and contact Information (e-mail address, phone #).
  • What was the crime? Give the best detailed overview of what you saw happen, and include all details, because small details do matter.
  • The name of the victim or victims
  • The status of the crime ( when did it occur)
  • The location or the place that the crime occurred
  • The current whereabouts of the victim and/or suspect(s)
  • The description of suspects involved (names if known, clothing descriptions, race, gender, hair color length, any scars or tattoos and how many subjects were involved and their role)
  • How did suspects leave the area, (if vehicle was involved give description
    (license plate and/or parking decal ).
  • The name and/or the description of any other witnesses who may have additional information.
  • Don not include links or attachments to the crime reports.

Residence Halls

All maintenance related calls, during business hours 8am - 5pm, Monday - Friday, should be reported to Facilities @ 434-395-2373. Problems should be reported immediately. After business hours contact the dispatcher at 434-395-2091.

The following information will be requested when you call for routine assistance

  • The callers contact information
  • The name of caller and/or requestor needing assistance
  • The location for which assistance is needed
  • The kind of assistance needed (vehicle assistance, door unlock, maintenance issue)

Lost & Found Items

The Police Department is the designated Lost & Found for the University. Please bring all lost and found items to campus police immediately. If you believe you may have left an item on campus and cannot locate it, drop by the Campus Police office and check the lost and found.

All lost or stolen Longwood ID cards should be reported immediately. You may report lost ID cards online on the Lancer Card Center's website. If ID cards are found and turned into the Police Department, you will receive an email or phone call that we have it in our possession. Please check with us before purchasing a new ID Card.


Policies & Procedures Manual

View the Public Safety policies as outlined in the Administrative Policies & Procedures Manual.


Active Shooter Plan

If you are involved in a situation where someone has entered the area and started shooting, the following are a list of recommended actions:

  • Exit the building immediately
  • Seek safe shelter
  • Notify anyone you may encounter to exit the building immediately
  • Notify the Police by calling 2091
  • Give the Dispatcher the following information:
    • Your name
    • Location of the incident (be as specific as possible)
    • Number of shooters (if known)
    • Identification of shooter (if known)
    • Number of persons who may be involved
    • Your location 

If you are directly involved and exiting the building is not possible, the following actions are recommended:

  • Go to the nearest room or office
  • Close the door, lock if possible
  • Cover the doors and windows
  • Keep quiet and act as if no one is in the room (turn your cell phones on vibrate)
  • DO NOT answer the door
  • Notify the Police Department at 2091
  • Give the Dispatcher the following information:
    • Your name
    • Your location (be as specific as possible)
    • Number of shooters (if known)
    • Identification of shooter (if known), detailed description if known
    • Number of persons who may be involved
    • Wait for the Police to assist you out of the building

View the entire Active Shooter Plan (doc)