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James Thorpe

James Thorpe

Police Officer
Dorrill Dining Hall 170
Phone: 434.395.2091
Email: thorpejk@longwood.edu

Officer Jim Thorpe is a former U.S.A.F. combat Security Police officer assigned to the 96th S.P.E.C.S. squadron Strategic Air Command and served as that units small arms weapons expert and combat instructor. After his honorable discharge from the Air Force, Officer Thorpe spent twelve years in the civilian sector in commercial sales.

In 1994 Jim began his Public Safety career with the Town of Farmville Emergency Communications center. In 1999 he became a member of the Prince Edward County Sheriff's Office. In 2004 Jim joined the Longwood Police Department as a Patrol Officer.

Officer Thorpe is a Department of Criminal Justice Services certified general instructor since 2005. In addition to his normal patrol assignments, Officer Thorpe is the LUPD's Intelligence Systems Officer.