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About Project Management

Project Management Framework

The Project Management Framework, which includes policy, standards, guidelines, and templates, provides a standard methodology for all projects. 

Projects which are classified as non-major projects by VITA are documented according to the specific needs of the project and the discretion of the CIO and project sponsors. 

Projects in excess of $2 million shall be reviewed by the State CIO and the Information Technology Investment Board (ITIB). The State CIO and the ITIB shall, within 30 days of receipt of a request for review and the relevant information describing a project from the Institution, provide a non-binding recommendation on that project to the Institution, the Governor, and the General Assembly.

On a quarterly basis, the President, acting through the appropriate designee, shall report to the ITIB on the budget, schedule and overall status of the Institution's major IT projects. This requirement shall not apply to research projects, research initiatives, or instructional programs.

The State CIO and the ITIB shall continue to have the authority regarding project suspension and termination as provided in §2.2-2015 and in subdivision 3 of §2.2-2458, respectively and the State CIO and the ITIB shall continue to provide the Institution with reasonable notice of, and a reasonable opportunity to correct, any identified problems before a project is terminated.


What We Do

This department is staffed by IT project management professionals in cooperation with the entire ITS management and support staff. 

We work closely with individuals and departments across campus to assist them in identifying their technology needs, finding the right solutions for those needs, and implementing them into a production environment.

We work hard to ensure that adequate planning and documentation occur to make projects succeed and remain consistent with the strategic goals of the university and legal policies and guidelines.

 Project Management Chart




Change Management and Project Management

While many of the tasks performed by ITS could be considered general system and infrastructure maintenance, sometimes it is necessary to provide greater oversight to ensure success.

At the discretion of the ITS Management Team, changes of sufficient scope or impact may be classified as an IT Project and coordinated through the IT Project Management Office.