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Faculty & Staff

History Faculty

Phillip Cantrell

Phillip A. Cantrell, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of History
Asian History, African History, World History
East Ruffner 227
(434) 395-2217


Larissa Smith Fergeson, Ph.D.

Professor of History
20th-century American history, African-American history, History of the U.S. South, Virginia History
East Ruffner 231
(434) 395-2776


David Geraghty

David Geraghty, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of History
Secondary education teacher preparation, U.S. history, early modern England
East Ruffner 237
(434) 395-2339


William Holliday

William C. Holliday, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of History
Latin American history, the South Atlantic World
East Ruffner 239
(434) 395-2424


Steven Isaac

Steven Isaac, Ph.D.

Professor of History
Medieval Europe; military history; Islamic Civilization; Ancient Greece
East Ruffner 226A
Website: Prof. Isaac's Home Page
Haskins Society Website Manager 

Dr Melissa Kravetz
Melissa Kravetz, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of History
Modern Europe, esp. Germany; history of science and medicine; women & gender
East Ruffner 240


Jim Munson
James R. Munson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of History
European Intellectual History; France 1789 to Present; French Revolution and Napoleon, 19th-Century Europe
East Ruffner 234
(434) 395-2218


Barbara Shepard
Barbara Newton, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of History
US History; Renaissance/Reformation; Victorian England
East Ruffner 212
(434) 395-2994


Yulia Uryadova
Yulia Uryadova, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of History
Central Asia, Russian History, World History, Modern Middle East
West Ruffner 222
(434) 395-2168


Deborah Welch
Deborah Welch, Ph.D.

Professor of History
Colonial America, Public History and Historic Preservation, History of American Women, American Indian History, the American West
East Ruffner 242
(434) 395-2773
Website: Prof. Welch's Home Page



Political Science Faculty

Mary Carver

Mary Carver, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Political Science
Pre-Law Advisor: American Government & Law
East Ruffner 246
(434) 395-2924


Scott Cole

N. Scott Cole, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Political Science
Comparative Politics, Western Europe, Latin America, US Politics, Democracy and Democratization, Political Participation, and International Relations
East Ruffner 235
(434) 395-2526.



William R. Harbour, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Political Science
Political Philosophy, The American Presidency, American Political Thought, Political Leadership
East Ruffner 228
(434) 395-2219.
Website: Dr. Harbour's Home Page


Philosophy Faculty

Mark Lukas

Mark Lukas, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Ethical Theory, History of Philosophy
East Ruffner 232
(434) 395-2407


Eric Moore

Eric Moore, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Ethical Theory, Social/Political Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Metaethics, Aesthetics, Metaphysics, Logic
East Ruffner 233
(434) 395-2176


Charles Repp, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Ruffner 222
(434) 395-2817



David J. Coles, Ph.D.

Professor of History, Chair
The Old South, Civil War and Reconstruction; Early National Period of the U.S., Virginia History, Archival Management
East Ruffner 229
(434) 395-2220



Pearl W. Agee

East Ruffner 226
(434) 395-2224