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Longwood Parents Council

Parents Council

The Parents Council consists of parents and families who pledge to participate in Longwood activities for the good of the university and to contribute financially to fund Council activities aimed at student academic achievement, citizen leadership, and overall university enhancement.

The Council provides grant opportunities for students, student groups, faculty, and staff through an annual monetary gift.  These financial gifts are payable to the Longwood Parents Council fund and are controlled by the Council.  Since its inception in 2009, the Longwood Parents Council has contributed over $57,000 to the community through the grants process. 

In addition to the grants process, the Council meets three times per year in January, April, and September. They organize summer send offs for new students and families, assist with checking in families for Family Weekend, enjoy an annual winter reception with Longwood administrators, and participate in summer Orientation and Registration.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Parents Council or for additional information, please contact Rachel M. Dodd at doddrm@longwood.edu.

Longwood University is a proud member of AHEPPP, the Association of Higher Education Parent and Family Program Professionals.




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Apply for a Grant Today!

The Longwood University Parents Council makes an annual gift which creates funding for the grants that are awarded each year in November.  The council has made opportunities available for Longwood students, student groups, university departments, faculty and staff to be given funds for projects and services that will benefit the Longwood University and/or the community.

Grants up to $2000 will be awarded to proposals that benefit and enhance student life and learning at Longwood University.

Grant Procedures 2015 (.pdf)
Grant Application Form 2015 (.pdf)
Grant Application Form 2015 (.doc)

SPECIAL NOTE: Grant applicants should pay close attention to the information provided in the Grant Procedures 2015 document. This document details the eligbile and ineligible items for funding requests.

Grant Applications are due Friday, October 2, 2015

Please contact the Office of First Year Experience & Family Programs at 434-395-2414 or LUparentscouncil@longwood.edu for more information!


Parents Council Grants 2014-2015

Total grant money awarded: $10,390.05   

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Global Leadership Initiative in the Dominican Republic

The Parents Council will continue to support this opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a poor community of Haitian refugees living in the Dominican Republic to learn of their plight.  We also supported this last year through the Alternative Spring Break Program.  We fully fund the request for $562.25 to provide two community events, a breakfast and dinner; to pay the speakers’ fee for the Chairperson of Soy Dominica (I am Dominican) organization; and to fund two escorts while in the Dominican Republic.  The experience will be shared with the Longwood community via a photo journal/blog as well as a video/cd.   As was done after last year’s trip, the video will be offered at a showing open to the Longwood community to share their experience.


Fort Finals at the Greenwood Library

The Parents Council will support this request to provide a stress-free environment for students during finals week.  The intent of Fort Finals is to allow students to take a break from the stress of studying for final exams.  This has been an ongoing event and has been utilized by approximately 2,000 students when offered.  We fully fund this request in the amount of $515.00 which will be used for a movie viewing license and the cost of materials for student activities.  We request acknowledgement of the Parents Council’s support via a banner/sign during the event.


Lancers on the Road III

The Parents Council will continue to support this effort by the Lancer Lunatics to spread Lancer pride through the college as well as showcase it during an away basketball game.  This initiative has resulted in Longwood being recognized as the Naismith Student Section of the Year: Big South for two consecutive years and national recognition by ESPN3.  We fully fund this request for $1,430.00 to pay for the cost of buses to transport the students to the Longwood vs. Liberty men’s basketball game.  As has been done in the past, the Parents Council Logo should be used to recognize our support.  


Developing An Assessment Plan at Longwood Counseling And Psychological Services

The Parents Council will support this request to develop the ability for the Longwood Counseling And Psychological Services to provide assessment services to students who may require academic accommodations for documented Learning Disabilities or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD.)  Longwood's Counseling And Psychological Services currently has personnel who are certified to administer the required tests for the assessments, but require the funding to procure the test materials.   We will fully fund this request in the amount of $1,984.20 to procure material for two tests which will allow Counseling And Psychological Services to begin assessing students.  The grant essentially provides funding for the start-up costs for Counseling And Psychological Services to provide this service since fees received for providing the assessments will allow this initiative to become self-sustaining. 


Anonymous Mental Health Screenings for Longwood Students

The Parents Council will support this initiative to provide students with access to online anonymous mental health screening which is solely educational vice diagnostic in nature.    The online screenings cover mental health/illness areas and based on responses to the questions, the participant may be provided information on potential sources of support.  We will fully fund this request in the amount of $550.00 which will be used to purchase an annual subscription for the program.  The Parents Council recommends that Counseling And Psychological Services explore avenues to educate student leaders, such as RAs, on the availability of the anonymous screening since they live near/with the individuals that may benefit from this resource.


Developing Foundational Knowledge and Skills for Collegiate Success and Beyond

The Parents Council partially funds this grant proposal to provide coaching to a group of "at risk" students through training in the use of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  This initiative will identify 30 students "at risk" of being successful at Longwood and provide them with tools that have been proven beneficial in developing habits of successful leaders.  We will fund this request in the amount of $1,050.00 for the purchase of course material and supplies.  


MLK Celebration Week

The Parents Council partially funds this grant proposal for support of the Martin Luther King Celebration Week.  The MLK Celebration Week involves Longwood University and the Farmville Community in the commemorative celebration of the life, legacy and values of Dr. Martin Luther King promoting and encouraging a sense of unity.  We will fund these events in the amount of $798.60 to be used for marketing posters for the Oratorical contest, the bus to/from Washington D. C., and the materials for those attending the Washington D. C. trip.  Funding for the other requested items were ineligible in accordance with the grant process guidelines.  It is requested that the Parents council logo be included in the marketing posters and funded materials.  


LCVA Art After Dark Creative Gatherings

The Parents Council will support this request by the Longwood Center for the Visual Arts for funding the development and presentation of "Art after Dark Creative Gatherings." This initiative will provide the opportunity for students, faculty and members of the Farmville community to engage in the creative process and at the same time develop an increased feeling of community.  We will fully fund this request in the amount of $2000.00 to be used for art materials, honoraria, and the design/printing of promotional materials.  The Parents Council logo should be included on all promotional material. 


Children’s Literature Association Conference Undergraduate Registration Subsidy

The Parents Council partially funds this grant proposal to provide undergraduate students the opportunity attend the 2015 Children’s Literature Association Conference which will be held in Richmond, VA and hosted by Longwood University.  The Parents Council believes this is an outstanding opportunity for students to experience the world of children’s literature at a higher level.   We will fund this request in the amount of $1,500.00 which will be used to pay the conference fees for 15 students.