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Apartment Style Living

Longwood Landings Longwood Landings

Registration Process

Each year, the Residential and Commuter Life office holds an online housing registration process for continuing residential students.  Typically, this registration process occurs in early February. Additional information regarding the Apartment Registration process can be found on the Residential and Commuter Life website.

Longwood Landings

The closest Longwood-managed complex to campus, the Landings is an apartment community home to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. There are two apartment designs to choose from. Studio apartments consist of 561 square-feet of space and include a full kitchen, washer/dryer, and other amenities. Four bedroom apartments include a full kitchen, two bathrooms, and a large living room. There is also a spacious lounge complete with a large screen TV and a pool table.

Lancer Park

Lancer Park is a Longwood-managed Apartment and Townhouse community located .6 miles from Longwood's campus. 714 students live in a one of three different housing style formats.  Studio apartment, 2 bedroom apartment, 4 bedroom apartment, and 4 bedroom townhouse units are available to students.  Residents also get to enjoy a variety of community amenities including the Lancer Park Commons building, which houses the front desk, REC office, fitness center, POD food market, and ample seating space for students.

Longwood Village

Longwood Village is a Longwood-managed apartment community located approximately 2 miles from Longwood's campus. All residents receive a commuter pass to drive to campus. The FAB (Farmville Area Bus) also runs to the complex every half hour. There are 4 students to an apartment.  Each apartment offers 2 single bedrooms and one double bedroom.  Each room has its own private bathroom. Residents also get to enjoy a variety of community amenities including a theater room, outdoor pool, fitness center, and game room.