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Resident Assistants & Education Coordinators

Resident Assistants and REC's

Resident Assistant (RA)

Resident Assistant’s Role

Resident Assistants, commonly referred to as RAs, exist in all Longwood managed residence halls and apartments. Generally there is one RA per floor. The purpose of RAs is to answer any questions your student may have, create a sense of community within the particular floor, and to ensure student safety and well-being. RAs are students who have undergone a rigorous selection process and a two week training course. In addition, RAs are required to take a 3-credit course specifically dealing with issues and problems they may encounter.

RAs should be your student's first resource for any problems, concerns or questions. The RAs are properly trained to deal with common issues students go through such as stress, anxiety, academic struggles, roommate difficulties, etc. Resident Assistants are also responsible for enforcing campus and residence halls policies. Should an RA find any infraction, they are required to write up all students involved and have the issue resolved by J-Board, Longwood’s judicial system.

Encourage your student to use their RA as an outlet for any problems or difficulties they are experiencing.

Residence Education Coordinator’s Role

Residence Education Coordinators, or RECs, are master’s level professionals who are responsible for overseeing RAs and other student staff as well as handling any student conduct issues that may arise. They are also responsible for organizing programs and activities that help to invoke a sense of community. RECs live within their respective residence hall and are on-call 24 hours if needed.

An important thing to note about RECs is that they are professional counselors and mentors whose primary concern is to provide a safe living environment. They are not there to act as “Dorm Moms,” instead they are there to provide guidance and assistance beyond the capabilities of RAs.

If your student experiences problems or difficulties in their residence halls, encourage them to talk to their RA. If the RA can not handle the situation, they may refer your student to the REC.