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Campus Safety

Longwood Police Department

With a full staff of certified law enforcement officers, Longwood PD takes pride in keeping Longwood safe. The Longwood Police Department is properly trained and equipped to handle any situation that may arise. There are 3 officers patrolling campus at all times of the day and year round. Officers enforce State and National laws as well Longwood University’s campus policies to make your student’s time at Longwood as safe as possible. Longwood PD has on staff: 12 law-enforcement officers, a full-time investigator, sergeant and Chief of Police. Officers are always willing to offer a helping hand to Longwood students, regardless of the matter, be it a flat tire or car troubles. Longwood PD works closely with the Farmville Police Department and often the two departments assist each other in criminal matters, creating one cohesive unit dedicated to serving Longwood and the Farmville area. Visit the Longwood Police Department’s website for more information.

Longwood Student ID: A Student’s Best Friend

Every student at Longwood is assigned an ID upon enrollment at Longwood. The student ID is used for numerous purposes on campus in order to maximize security on campus. The ID’s are given at New Student Orientation and Registration. A student ID is necessary for access to assigned residence halls or to gain entrance into the Dining Hall. This photo identification should be carried at all times by your student and should be presented if requested by a Longwood official. Students that never received an ID or lost their ID should go to the Lancer Card Office in Lancaster G-22 during weekday operation hours. If a student’s ID card is lost, stolen, broken, stops working, or is damaged in any way, there will be a $15.00 replacement fee. Only the first ID card is free of charge. Please visit the Longwood Lancer Card website for more information.

Students on Campus

Safety Measures on Campus

  • Blue Emergency Phones
    Throughout Longwood’s campus, large blue emergency beacons offer a quick means of communication directly to campus police. The 28 phones are strategically placed on all Longwood owned properties, including Longwood-managed apartment complexes and athletic facilities. The emergency button may be pressed at anytime and sends a direct signal to dispatch as well as commencing a bright blue flashing light atop the beacon to alert officers in the area that assistance is required. Phones may be used for emergencies as well as non-emergencies, such as car trouble or lost keys.
  • Cell Phone and Email Alerts
    With the popularity and widespread use of cell phones and computers, this communication system helps to ensure that important alerts are delivered to all members of the campus community – inside or out. Our text messaging and email alert system is provided through Roam Secure, a national company with servers on both coasts in the event of a regional disaster.Be sure your student has registered today! For more information, please visit the Crisis & Emergency Communications Center’s website.
  • Voice & Siren Alerts
    This communication system is designed to broadcast audible safety sirens and live or recorded voice alerts to the campus community as quickly as possible during times of extreme circumstances such as a tornado or police emergency affecting campus. The system utilizes battery back up protection in the event of a power loss and has the capability of alerting the entire campus or individual areas depending on the scope of the emergency.
  • 24-hour Card Reader System
    All buildings on campus have card readers beside all doors to restrict access. All residence halls have 24 hour restricted-access and may only be accessed with a valid Longwood student ID. Student ID’s are programmed to only allow student access to their own residence hall. See above section regarding student ID’s for more information.
  • Bicycle and Valuable Registration
    The Longwood Police Department offers free bicycle and valuable registration for all Longwood students. Students should bring their bicycle or any valuables to the Longwood Police Department and an officer will photograph them, record the serial numbers, and then attach a small registration decal. For some valuables, a small engraving can be made in place of a decal. This service allows Longwood Police to easily identify student’s valuables in the case of theft. For more information on these services, contact Campus police at (434) 395-2091.

Programs and Classes

  • SAFE - Students Advocating for a Fearless Environment,
    SAFE is a student organization that works within the Longwood community to educate the community about sexual assault issues. For more information regarding programs by SAFE, please contact 434.395.2103.
  • RAD - Rape Aggression Defense Training
    RAD training is a 12-hour class offered by the Longwood Police Department. This nationally recognized program teaches women how to avoid potentially dangerous situations and how to use defensive measures to escape from them if they cannot be avoided. To obtain a class, students should contact Investigator John Thompson, thompsonjc@longwood.edu or Campus Police at 434-395-2091.
  • Night Walkers Program
    Night Walkers provides a safe escort for students traveling alone after dark. Nightwalkers is a student-operated organization that works closely with the Longwood Police Department. On the weekends, Nightwalkers operate from 6p.m. to 2 a.m. An escort can be obtained by calling 434.395.2091 or by using an emergency phone on campus.

More information on safety measures and programs can be found on the Longwood Crime Prevention web site.


Campus Safety Tips

The Longwood Police Department outlines a few safety tips for students and the campus community.


Smoke Free Campus Initiative

Longwood is moving toward a tobacco-free environment on campus in efforts of increasing student health and wellness and reducing cigarette butt littering. An educational campaign is currently underway informing the campus community about the negative environmental impact of cigarette litter and the need to smoke responsibly and to use receptacles and designated smoking areas on campus.