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Longwood Traditions

Community & Relationships

Student FraternityAmong all of Longwood’s rich traditions, CHI, Princeps, Spring Weekend, etc. there is one overriding tradition that makes Longwood what it is – Community. While at Longwood, the red carpet will be rolled out for your student and they will quickly become part of the close-knit Longwood community. However, unlike many other colleges, your student will remain a part of Longwood forever. They will always have that out stretched arm when needed.

Longwood offers more than an education to your student, it offers a close personal relationship with unending support and encouragement from fellow students, professors and alumni. The advantages of Longwood’s small college atmosphere are endless. Forget numbers or even last names, at Longwood your student is known by their first name or even a nickname. Professors concern themselves with your student’s future and though they won’t hold your student’s hand, they will offer support and encouragement when needed. This type of relationship will remain forever in your student. As they grow older and become citizen leaders, they will reach back into the community, wanting to offer that same support and encouragement they received.


Started in 1900, CHI is the oldest continuous service organization at Longwood. Chi is an organization whose essential purpose is to promote and maintain a spirit of cooperation among students in every phase of college life. This purpose is uniquely achieved by this secretive organization.

The tangible evidence of Chi’s presence on campus includes the signs on sidewalks; walks at night by members robed in the University colors of blue and white; and letters to the student body encouraging support of University and civic functions, as well as academic excellence. The banner of Chi is white with Gothic letters CHI in blue. Beneath the letters is a figure of the Rotunda whose four columns represent the four phases of student life – social, recreational, intellectual, and spiritual. It appears on special occasions to encourage student support of a campus function. In the spring of each year, at the annual CHI burning, special commendations are given to students, organizations, faculty, and staff who have made outstanding contributions of their time and talents. At this time, Chi also reveals the identity of its senior members.

But the real evidence of Chi can be seen in the hearts and minds of those who seek its real purpose of constructive support and cooperation. One must remember Chi is not the group of individuals who, for one year, compose its working staff. Instead, Chi is an ideal – never reached – but always reached for.


Princeps, another long-standing tradition at Longwood, is an honorary organization whose primary purpose is promoting leadership in Longwood students and the college community. This organization, like CHI, keeps the identity of its members secretive until their ceremonial revealing. Princeps recognizes that leadership is an essential part in the development of civility,
and through leadership, individuals can effectively develop skills that will enhance the progress of civilization.

The members of Princeps are students who demonstrate leadership skills through their involvement in those co-curricular activities, which promote the best interests of Longwood University. Princeps honors academic success each semester by placing their symbol on student’s doors who have achieved dean’s list or president’s list. Students who exemplify extraordinary involvement as well as academics are recognized by Princeps in a personal manner, rather than publicly.

The symbol of Princeps is a crown with seven points and the number seven, which symbolizes the seven key principles of leadership. Black crowns can be seen on various sidewalks throughout campus.

  • Paper Sevens
    Given to all students in recognition of their academic successes
    Dean’s List (3.5 or higher)—black
    President’s List (4.0)—red
  • Wooden Sevens
    Students, along with faculty and staff are recognized by receiving a letter in the mail—The student’s letter will give them a riddle leading them to a faculty or staff member’s office. If they give the correct answer to the riddle, they are given the large wooden seven. The faculty and staff member is also recognized and get to keep a smaller version of the wooden seven. Students are asked to pass down the wooden sevens before they leave campus/graduate.

Princeps continues to recognize those members of the Longwood community who strive for excellence and leadership. Individuals are thanked for their endeavors by receiving a symbolic crown or an appreciation letter.

Annual Events


Sponsored by Longwood’s Mortar Board, a senior honor society, and the Student Union, this annual fun filled weekend in October brings big music talents such as Pat Green, Ying Yang Twins, and The Fray. Also, there are numerous organizational booths with merchandise, prizes and more. There are oversized inflatable rides and clowns too! There is a Beer Garden in the Longwood Café. For a tentative schedule of events visit the Mortar Board’s website.

Spring Weekend

Sponsored by Lancer Productions, a student run organization responsible for campus entertainment, and the Student Union, this annual fun filled weekend in April features two of Longwood’s biggest traditions: Oozeball and the Chili Cook-off. Another popular event is the concerts on Stubbs’ Lawn that brings major recording artists such as Taylor Swift, Nappy Roots and Bowling for Soup. Other activities include inflatable rides, organizational booths, and the Beer Garden in the Longwood Café. For a tentative schedule of events visit Lancer Production’s website.

Family Weekend

You’re Invited! Longwood University loves to see parents and family on campus and what better weekend to visit than Family Weekend? You’ll be faced with some tough decisions on what to do because the schedule of events is always packed with entertainment, food, workshops, music and all sorts of fun! Don’t forget to book your hotel. Do it today! Find out more…

Greek Life

Greek life at Longwood is very prominent today and has deep roots in Longwood’s history. In fact, four national sororities, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Kappa Delta, Sigma Sigma Sigma and Zeta Tau, were all founded at Longwood. About 30 percent of Longwood students are in fraternities or sororities and these Greek organizations make a lot happen on campus. Many non-Greeks express appreciation for the contributions of the Greek organizations because many of their activities are open to the campus community - social divisions do not exist.